Crysis 2 DirectX 11 patch is out, comparison inside


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Superpeter said:
Thank you for saying that so eloquently. I have to use some of that to clarify the half a**ed treatment that people in my life treat others like that everyday. In the things they do for people, I always think the same.. "A gift?...really?". Thanks for holding your torch to the light.
Why would you apply that to your entire life? we're talking about a game here that wasn't finished when it launched. We're certainly not talking about each others life story's :\


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I agree with Red on this... well put. Have to admit that I didn't really think it through this way at first though. I don't own the game yet, but after hearing the complaining and trying out the demo when it first released I decided to pass. Would like to see a thorough review with the patch/high res pack in place to see if I'd change my mind. I was such a fan of the first Crysis from initial release and I still am.


You may be a PC gamer, but that doesn't mean you know about PC gaming. It involves lots of game options, mods, top of the line graphics and controls. Not the shaggy console ports like Crysis 2. Crysis was a great game and it had really awesome controls for the rather complex weapon customization and suit modes. Crysis 2 on the other hand merged the modes to reduce control complexity, for it probably would have failed on consoles. Crytek are even releasing a remastered version of Crysis and that has modified controls, probably again because the original controls are too much for consoles. Also, if you can't play a high end game on your pc, don't whine about it. I understand, not everyone can afford a powerful pc. But Crysis scaled very nicely and could be played on low end pcs as well. It is now that a mainstream pc can run crysis smoothly at highest settings, so this gives it more replay value. All those things make Crysis great, while its sequel is simply not.