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Crysis 2 DirectX 11 patch is out, comparison inside

By Matthew · 78 replies
Jun 22, 2011
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  1. Update: As expected the Crysis 2 "DX11 Ultra Upgrade" patch and the high-resolution texture pack are now available for download. The update introduces DirectX 11 support as well as graphical…

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  2. Lurker101

    Lurker101 TS Evangelist Posts: 798   +318

    Sounds to me like their trying to put some bells and whistles onto a rusted old bike. It's easy to forgive a console biased port, so long as it's a solid game. So what if the graphics are a little sub par. If the gameplay is great and it's not filled with more bugs than a cheap motel then most of the "console-whining" dies down pretty fast.

    Unfortunately, this isn't one of those games. So a few extra bloom effects and cheap 3D tricks aren't going to cut it.
  3. yRaz

    yRaz TS Evangelist Posts: 2,145   +1,221

    Too little too late Crytec. Sorry, but you dropped the ball on this one. The game still isn't worth $60 and they have to balls to charge for DLC too. I was thinking of buying it on steam when the price came down but that's not happening now.

    Maybe it would have been a good idea to show 1080p images of it, those small pictures don't do it any justice, you can't tell that much of a difference between the 2. Perhaps there is a reason for the low resolution images?
  4. 1.8 patch
    1.6 Catalyst
    1.6 CAP1's
    Crossfired 6950's...

    Still flickers. Here's to 1.9 fixing it even tho there is no mention of it in the release notes.

    *fingers crossed*
  5. yRaz

    yRaz TS Evangelist Posts: 2,145   +1,221

    "• Improved multi-GPU support"

    It's third to the bottom of the list. I don't have a multi GPU setup but a title like crysis not only should have it as a standard feature, but it NEEDS it. It'd be kind of dumb for them to put a DX 11 patch out without support for the hardware to run it.
  6. howzz1854

    howzz1854 TS Evangelist Posts: 611   +94

    i actually had quite a good time with the game before i went online and saw all the negative whine about the sequel. to me it played and looked great. the new update will be a welcome addition to me.
  7. TomSEA

    TomSEA TechSpot Chancellor Posts: 2,632   +688

    I was pretty hacked off when I started playing the game. Probably put 90 minutes into it before realizing what a lame console port it was. Then I heard there was going to be a DX11 patch and decided to wait until then to pick it up again.

    I'm not angry at CryTek, but certainly disappointed. I hate to bring it up, but CryTek was off-the-charts furious at the massive amounts of illegal downloads they experienced with Crysis (2nd most pirated game ever behind Spore) and stated afterwards that as a result, they weren't going to focus on developing games based on the PC first, consoles second any longer. It was going to be the other way around. So this console port game we received is not a total surprise, I was just hoping for better.

    At any rate, I'll take the DX11 patch and finish the game. No more pre-orders from CryTek though. I've learned my lesson.
  8. yukka

    yukka TechSpot Paladin Posts: 854   +64

    Crytek brought out Crysis and it was so future proof that it wouldn't run on decent settings on a lot of machines and looked terrible on anything that wasn't significantly more powerful than any previous recommended specs for other games at the time. Alot of people used that excuse to download it to "test" on their hardware.

    Now they do the opposite and get torn to pieces as well as having a leak of the full game before release. I am glad they brought out the DX11 patch - its an incentive that might cause me to buy it sometime. Probably after I buy Battlefield 3 which will force me to enroll on "Origin" anyway. And once it is on a sale.
  9. yukka

    yukka TechSpot Paladin Posts: 854   +64

    I meant that Crytek did the opposite by bringing out a game that anyone can play pretty much and promising a DX11 patch that would require stronger specs.
  10. gwailo247

    gwailo247 TechSpot Chancellor Posts: 2,010   +18

    As long as the presumption is that anybody wishing to return a computer game for any reason is a pirate, then I could care less how butt hurt any developer gets, or whines about food being taken from the mouths of their children. If they choose to alienate themselves from the PC gaming crowd, so be it.

    There will always be some company somewhere who will still cater to the PC market. Considering that groups of talented individuals can put out professional quality mods for existing games that completely revamp the game play experience and the visuals, and then distribute it for free, I'm not worried about the future of PC gaming.
  11. jetkami

    jetkami TS Booster Posts: 100

    Do you you also play alot of console games?. For true PC Gamers this game sucked!
  12. princeton

    princeton TS Addict Posts: 1,676

    Parallax Occlusion Mapping

    That should have been there since day ****ing one. Anyway it's a dead game that isn't worth playing so it's not like anyone will care about this patch. DX11 can't save this game.
  13. princeton

    princeton TS Addict Posts: 1,676

    We have valve and GSC, all we need is them to make great games with great replayability. Look at how many people play counter strike and TF2. Then we have GSC to make the stalker games.

    The game doesn't look good enough to warrant using 2 GPUs :p
  14. blimp01

    blimp01 TS Enthusiast Posts: 144

    parallax occlusion mapping, from crysis 1 looked horrible, hopefully the command to disable it will work
  15. red1776

    red1776 Omnipotent Ruler of the Universe Posts: 5,223   +163

    Remember 'fake DX10' in the first Crysis?.....I'm just sayin.:D
  16. princeton

    princeton TS Addict Posts: 1,676

    Well do me a favor. Go outside and look at a ground covered in rocks. Now tell me which one of these looks more like the ground covered in rocks.


    If you said POM disabled you may want to invest in a good pair of glasses and or contact lenses.

    Now that picture is cropped and contains some jagged edges. Here's a better example.


    Could you please inform us all on how that looks inferior to when the ground is flattened?
  17. Cota

    Cota TS Enthusiast Posts: 513   +8

    Too late! already deleted it on my soon list, 60 dollars for some good campaign and a mediocre multiplayer inst worth it! Besides i still have to give it back to my 11yo bro who didnt like it...
  18. princeton

    princeton TS Addict Posts: 1,676

    Pardon? It wasn't as bad as cod but cmon man, it was no stalker, half life, bioshock. It was...ok, it got predictable and repetitive at times. It certainly wasn't awful though.

    *sigh* One thing console gamers have. They can return, resell or rent games if they turn out to be crap.
  19. Panda218

    Panda218 TS Evangelist Posts: 412   +171

    Agreed, I don't understand why people are QQing so hard. The first Crysis wasn't the best thing ever, but it was fun just like Crysis 2. I'm looking forward to testing out my RIG with the new update.
  20. i have 1.2 patch installed
    Will i need to instal every patch between 1.2 & 1.9 or i can directly install 1.9 patch and dx11?
  21. ^^^beat it pirate. if you had a legit copy, you'd be running it with patch 1.8 right now and wouldn't be asking how the cycle goes.
  22. "• Improved multi-GPU support"

    It's third to the bottom of the list. I don't have a multi GPU setup but a title like crysis not only should have it as a standard feature, but it NEEDS it. It'd be kind of dumb for them to put a DX 11 patch out without support for the hardware to run it.

    How do you get flickering fix out of that?
  23. The game doesn't look good enough to warrant using 2 GPUs :p

    Then you've never played the game.
  24. princeton

    princeton TS Addict Posts: 1,676

    Played it 5 minutes ago on the level "dead man walking" The shadows are exceptionally low quality and when you start the level the floorlamps cause the most over the top bloom I've ever seen in a video game. Not to mention the awful foliage growing on the sides of the skyscrapers. It's very surprising because the first game had amazing foliage, I guess they fired their vegetation artist/team.

    Nice try trying to make me look foolish but if you're going to make a claim like that then make sure that I've made enough false statements to warrant the belief that I never played Crysis 2.

    Oh and for the record this was at 1920x1200 with all settings in the advanced graphic options set to extreme.

    Sure he could. Don't accuse him of piracy if you don't know the facts. I was on version 1.2 for some time because I launched it from the Crysis2.exe instead of the Crysis2Launcher.exe.

    The Crysis2.exe doesn't try to update the game, the launcher one does. Here's an idea, you beat it. Hit the road, get out of here.
  25. Don't need to try to make you look bad. The sites server you're posting on can do it for me...


    I have two 6950 2GB's with a native res of 1920x1080 Extreme setting and Vsync ON. You look at that pretty little link there and tell me if 38fps avg is good or not.

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