CS 1.6 Servers won't respond

By Hack
Feb 7, 2011
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  1. Hello,

    I have a problem with Counter Strike 1.6. It is similar to another thread someone had up on this site when i try and find servers only about 200 or so (on average) servers appear, and none of them work. I try and join and it says "server not responding"

    I did everything from that thread I deleted the clientregistry.blob file, turned off my firewall, forwarded the correct ports and reinstalled from scratch (including the steam client as well as teh actual game) and still am unable to connect to any servers. I didn't catch the date on the thread I was looking at so it's posible it was a very old post and there has been a new fix since then.

    Any and all help is appreciated!

  2. sharkcrush

    sharkcrush TS Rookie

    Try playing cs 1.6 in garena

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