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Apr 13, 2006
  1. Right then, I am having problems, I bought a copy of CS Source along with HL2 on a DVD rom from my local town centre games shop, I installed it via my Dell Dimension because it's the pc I have with the only DVD drive, so I then installed it on this pc, which meets the game requirements, except for the DVD drive, so I installed it from Steam via the web, I have 2 problems really, it's running on high quality, and the lag is absolutely horrendous and when I go into video settings I change the quality to low and then CS Source crashes or has a problem and needs to send error report, it's awfully annoying and I don't know quite what to do, is there a way to uninstall CS Source and re-install it from the web then I could retry it perhaps? And I don't like playing Source from the Dell, just a reason, meh.

    Help and advice would be appreciated, and thank you for your time,


    I forgot to add, my Internet connection is BlueYonder 4MB and it's split between 2 computers through a router, 1 being a cabled line to the Dell and one being WIFI to this computer.
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    I just did a stress test and it turned out at 27.44.
    My system is this -
    2.4 Ghz Pentium 4.
    512 DDR Ram, PC 2100, 266MHZ.
    I have an intel graphics controller, I believe it's 64MB, and I just updated DirectX from the Microsoft website, still nothing, I also ran virus and spyware scans and cleaned a few things off. Running a Compaq Evo diagnostics test now to make sure everything is running efficiently, because my system is a upgraded Compaq Evo.
    I'll post up my results just to show you how it goes.
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    This is what I found on my graphics/video card.

    Video Device #1
    Manufacturer: Intel Corp
    BIOS Version: 0.0
    BIOS Release Date: 2002/03/26 **:**:**.******+***

    Type: VGA
    Current Video Mode: -1
    Minimum Refresh Rate: 0 Hz
    Maximum Refresh Rate: 0 Hz
    Memory Type: Unknown
    Memory Size: 48 MB
    Scan Mode: Unknown
    Physical Location: Unknown
    Current Vertical Resolution: 600
    Current Horizontal Resolution: 800
    Number of bits per Pixel: 32
    Current Refresh Rate: 0 Hz
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    well your problem lies right there your using the crappy onboard graphics card to play a high-end graphics game i'm surprised yur even getting 27 FPS with that POS i'd definately invest in a new vid card you can get X850XT sapphire for around $165 at newegg.com but most likely seen as its a dell you might get stuck with using a AGP card but check inside and see if you have any PCI express or PCI express 16 slots or at the lest an AGP slot then get a new card and that will take of your problems.
  5. Ashcraft

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    Yes, definently need to buy a better video card and that will cure all your CSS video problems. Make sure you know what kind of video card your buying though because that would really suck buying an AGP video card if your using a PCI or a PCI if your using an AGP.
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