CS Steam Microphone Problem

By m1m1c
Sep 23, 2005
  1. Hello, I just joined this forum and this is my first post. Anyway, I have a slight problem with my microphone. I can't seem to get it to operate on CS(Counter-Strike) Version 1.6 Steam, but it does work on "AIM." Anyway, I asked my friend how he got the mic to work on his computer and he said, "Enable your mic over at control panel, sounds and audio device, on the volume tab, click advance, options, properties, and check the box on microphone. Then logon to steam and go into any open server. Go to options and check if microphone is on, if it's on leave it, if not enable it. While you're still on the server, press "~" without the quotes and type in, voice_enable 1, hit enter, then reconnect and go back in the server then it should wokr."

    I did that but it didn't work. I was playing steam and I asked one of my partners and they said the same thing. Do I have to install additional programs to get this mic up and running? I've tried to join forumplanet.com/counterstrike and tell them about my problem, but I encountered a problem when trying to sign up. So I'm here asking you guys and gals. But yea if you're wondering what type of mic I'm using, it's "Audio Technica ATR 20." Yea I know it's a cheap mic. Anyway, if you guys and gals can help me out, it'll be much appreciated.

    ps, thanks I'll be in contact.

    My regards,
  2. doomchamp

    doomchamp TS Rookie

    Iono, did you try pressing the key you bound to your microphone?
  3. m1m1c

    m1m1c TS Rookie Topic Starter

    What key? You mean the On and Off switch. OF COURSE!!!!!! Moderators and people I need help.
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