Currently enduring a significant graphics problem

By thecompelling
Jun 1, 2007
  1. I recently bought a laptop from a company called CyberPower. I heard of them in various magazines and they seemed to be a valiant company. A few years back I purchased a desktop computer from them and everything was great (sort of. a few problems here and there. but nothin' big.) ...

    Anyway, I recently joined the navy and, with my newfound transience, I figured it would be a novel investment to purchase myself a shiny new laptop from, you guessed, CyberPower. ... I was excited! I spent around 1600 dollars on it. The Specs? Here. :)

    Windows XP Pro
    GeForce Go7600
    2GB RAM
    2.0ghz AMD Turion Dual core processor
    80GB HD...
    NVIDIA C51MV + MCP51 Chipset Mainboard

    Yup. I think that's the important stuff.

    So. I ordered the laptop, received it quickly ('cuz I wanted the damn thing to waste my time away playing Supreme Commander), and proceeded to install my favorite vids. After a short time of observing the screen and the sexy graphics, my laptop display began to occasionally flash black, eventually freezing the game (Supreme Commander, namely.) so I'd have to alt+f4 or controlaltdelete it. I did receive an error from the game, (I have it saved in notepad...) and when I tried the run the game, it would generously provide a message box stating "Please Verify System Meets Minimum Specifications." ... Upset, I restart my computer, reload the game... and BEHOLD! it works... But! it runs at a very laggy pace, causing my gaming skills to decline.

    I reinstalled drivers... to no avail, of course. I think God hates me.

    After awhile of messin' around with it, i determine that it's a hardware problem. Most likely the video card. So I send it back to CP, receive it back a month or so later with a repair sheet that mentioned them replacing the grafix card, 'cuz it sucked. (not a direct quote)

    Excited, I tear it open, turn on my laptop, notice everything runs great, install Supreme Commander... and, yeah, same problem.


    Can anyone tell me a way to fix this without having to endure the bureaucracy hell of refunds or agonizing patience of awaiting repair?

    Also, it shall be made known that two of my buddies purchased laptops of exactly the same caliber, and theres' work perfectly fine... without having to update drivers.

    Please... help. :)

    Shall I also mention that their customer service was all scripted? Lame.
  2. CCT

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    If you RECENTLY bought it AND 2 buddies units run WELL and yours still FAILS THEN RMA it AGAIN post haste!

    They HAVE to provide a fully functional unit under the warranty BUT if you start to screw with it you are liable to lose out.

  3. thecompelling

    thecompelling TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Sigh... It's probably going to have to come down to that...
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