D5 pump noise

By DonNagual
Apr 29, 2016
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  1. Hello and thank you in advance. I've recently finished my first water cooled system. I'm extremely happy with it except for the amount of f noise the pump makes. Is it normal for a pump, specifically the D5 pump (connected to the photon 170 from xspc), to be vibrating so much it is audible? I have the dial set to two.
  2. BMAN61

    BMAN61 TS Member

    This is not normal in my experience; I have the regular D5, and it doesn't make anywhere near enough noise to hear it through a side panel.

    Generally D5 pumps are much quieter vs the DDC; so if yours is making that much noise check to make sure it's not sitting directly on the floor of your chassis, if it didn't come with some sort of padding, then I would go to the local hardware store and pick some up... you'll notice the difference right away.
    But; if the pump is already sitting on some sort of padding and making that much noise, I'd RMA it back to where you bought it and get another.

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