Daily BSOD win7 64bit, memtest error

By omgsma
Feb 8, 2011
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  1. Hey guys
    A few weeks ago my comp started to crash. It would happen while playing games (bc2, LoL), browsing the web, checking outlook, defragging, and while im afk. The BSOD I noticed would be that the screen distorts then goes to blue screen in a split second. I updated my video card (ati 5770) to the latest drivers and it still crashes. I've ran disk check with no errors. Memtest gave me 1 error on the 1st pass for only 1 stick of ram, and when I ran the windows memory diagnostics it said there was a hardware problem but froze mid test. I'm starting to think its the ram that is bad, but before I replace it I would like to know if it could possibly be anything else (mobo, hd, gpu, etc).

    Attached are the 4 minidump files from yesterday.

    Attached Files:

  2. Route44

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    Any error with memtest means corrupted memory and it must be replaced. If you bought your memory as a pair, even though one stick may be good, for RMA purposes you will have to return the memory as a pair.

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