Damn Atheros chipset! Enough is Enough! Please help!

By hatchie
Jun 20, 2007
  1. Hi All.

    Of those familiar with the Atheros chipset and the many dramas they have with Windows XP - from BSOD to system hangs, I've got another drama to add to the mix.

    The standard drivers don't tend to work, one solution was given in this post to use alternate (old) drivers:

    My symptons were the same, and whilst I did finally find the driver that would stop the hanging, I had a new problem. Instead of an 'excellent' signal strength, I'd get very low or low. So, the pain of avoiding a hang - a poor signal strength.

    I've know I should just bite the bulllet and buy another card, but I'm determined to solve this damn problem - I've only had the card a short time. It is a generic card utilising the Atheros AR5005GS chipset.

    There are a big set of atheros drives here:

    But I've gone through and tried a most of them, with no luck. Most connect at high signal strength, but then cause a compete hang a few minutes into any data transfer.

    Anyone solved this problem? Cheers in advance.....
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