Dapper Drake to Hardy Heron replacement

By noeld
Jul 3, 2009
  1. As a Ubuntu newby I'd like to replace my Dapper version on a dual boot laptop running XP home with HH 8.04. I downloaded 8.04 to a live disk and it runs ok but I I'm unable to install it over the old version. I think I need to delete the old version in its partition first to free up space. One problem is I don't have an XP CD. I don't want to change the boot loader or repartition the HD, just swap versions of Ubuntu. Other posting I've found require an XP CD . Any help will be appreciated.
  2. You need to be careful as you could lose your data here. Make backs ups and then boot into Ubuntu 6.06 and do the following:

    sudo apt-get dist-upgrade

    This should upgrade you to 8.04 LTS.

    You did not need to download the .iso image, but keep it in case things go wrong. Again: Back up your data; fail to prepare, prepare to fail.
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    Why not go all the way to the newest version 9.04?
  4. noeld

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    Dapper to Hardy update

    I chose to go to 8.06 vs. 9 because I thought, perhaps mistakenly, that 8 has support for that version out into '11, vs a shorter support for 9. I tried the update command from terminal and all seemed to go well. After an hour and fifteen minutes a restart of system was asked. When I did this, boot was still into 6.06, no sign of 8.06. ????
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