Data disappears from USB MINI Drive!

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Dec 26, 2007
  1. Hi,

    I have just got a new mini drive with a capacity of 8 GB. I put some data (quite a lot of it) and watched it being copied on it and then re-checked to see the items and it was all there. Then i sent the data to another place and they opened it and said that the folder was there but that it was empty!! this happened twice. everytime i write data on it and take it to amother machine - the data disappears. What could be wrong?

  2. gbhall

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    When you get the drive back, can YOU still see it, or is it gone for you too?

    To offer further advice, you need to describe your PC, the operating system and it's patch level, the method you use to attach the minidrive (i.e. USB cable, via a USB hub etc), whether any driver software was installed, and the same over again for the PC you are trying to transfer to...
  3. suk

    suk TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 16

    No, when i get the drive back the data is gone on my PC too! Strangely enough the folder remains but all the stuff in it disappears.
    My machine is a Gateway laptop, running on windows XP. the mini drive is a USB drive and the problem happened while transferring to two different machines!
  4. Nodsu

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    Did you use the "safely remove hardware" feature when you unplugged the drive?
  5. gbhall

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    Please write something to the drive, unplug it, reboot windows, replug the drive and tell us if it is still there. that way we might find out if the problem is on your machine or happens when plugged into another. By the way, you have failed to answer what the machines are running that you tranfer to...
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