Death Stranding will miss June launch date on PC, release now set for July 14

Shawn Knight

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Death Stranding won’t meet its originally scheduled PC launch date due to complications from the ongoing Covid-19 outbreak.

Developer Kojima Productions revealed in a Twitter post on Tuesday that the game is being pushed back to July 14, 2020, in order to allow for more development time as employees adjust to current work-from-home orders. Kojima Productions initially targeted a PC launch date of June 2.

When it finally does arrive, it’ll be available on Valve’s Steam platform and well as through the Epic Games Store. PC players will enjoy a new photo mode as well as support for higher frame rates and ultrawide monitors. Those who pre-order will get a collection of in-game cosmetics and other digital items like HD wallpapers. A physical version of the game is also in the pipeline, we’re told.

Fortunately, we’re only looking at a delay of six weeks – not ideal, mind you, but not the end of the world either.

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