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Nov 23, 2016
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  1. The mods deleting posts need to consider a couple things. Does a reply to a comment have it's own point? If the original comment is deleted, is there still a point to it?

    How do I find out what mod deleted my post? How do I find the contents of my post, so I can repost it?

    There's nothing I can find as to what mod deleted it, and the contents of my post.

    I think, in the least, the post should have just been hidden, or I should have been sent a copy of my post so I could repost it.

    This is much more frustrating than just simply being called an ***** in the comment section, like the comment I replied to. I took it well, but this is just frustrating when I dont know what mod did this, and his apparent disregard for what my post contained.

    Edit: I know what I posted so I COULD repost it... but it's the simple fact on how this was handled that I do not agree with.
  2. mailpup

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    I deleted your post. Here is the text of your post:

    [You really dont get what I'm saying??? lol but that's okay man. If there's any suspicion that something is wrong... it should probably be investigated... or are you someone that just turns a blind eye to anything negative or bad around you? I'm not going to sit here an claim I'm ****ing brilliant, but common, you've got to be smart enough to see the point I'm trying to make.

    You think it's impossible for hackers to NOT leave evidence? Let me just leave it at that.]
  3. Trillionsin

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    Thanks. The main purpose of this post was to find out why. As I mentioned in my edit, I know what I posted I just dont understand why it was done. Why would you delete replies to a comment that was deleted? Did you also delete the comment I was replying to? If you think this would be better handled in PM, that's fine. I just didnt want to go around PMing all the mods.

    I noticed, when you replied here with my post, you actually didn't give me the entirety of my post.

    Edit: I obviously saw what the guy posted... I just think that if he was embarrassed by it, and decided to delete it...or... I dunno, my best guess. It really wasnt that offensive really, it really just showed his own ignorance, IMO. And I would have liked my comment quoting him to remain up there for the rest to see. buuut too late for that. Anyways, just wondering why still...
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    First, I did delete his post for the ad hominem remarks toward you. Second, because you quoted his post and responded to it I deleted yours as well. It makes little sense to delete an offending post only to let your quote of it and reply to it remain. I spend a good amount of time deleting posts with name calling and other ad hominem remarks. I don't try to judge if the object of the insult will be offended or not. It violates the ToS so it gets deleted.

    As far as I know, I did give you your entire post except for the quote. I saw nothing else there.
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    Understood. Thank you.
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