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Mar 25, 2002
  1. Does anybody know what is the command to delete single files under ms-dos. I know the deltree command for deleting the contents of a whole folder but i tried using del "nameoffile" and it says that the file is not found even thought im using the exact same filename that is listed in the ms-dos window.
  2. SuperCheetah

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    Try this in MS-DOS mode:

    DEL (ERASE) [d:][path]filename [/P]

    Deletes (erases) files from disk.

    Hope this helps!!! :) If not then please post back.
  3. Nodsu

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    You must remember that DOS doesn't support long filenames
    (that is pure DOS, not the command prompt window).
    Filenames containing blanks must be quoted.
    Try using the 'dir' command first to check out the DOS file names.
    Also, DOS won't delete hidden files, you have to unhide them first.

    Try using 'dir' with /p and /w options.
    To change file attributes, you have the 'attrib' command.
    Use the 'help' command (if installed) and '/?' command line switch to get help on specific command.
  4. Amigosdefox

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    My mistake, I didnt read the filename correctly so I couldnt delete, I had to delete this file which was a partial video file that I downloaded which had a *.av extention, If I tried to modify it in any way under windows explorer, or right click on it or use file/delete.. etc. I imediately got an error message on a certain .dll. Strange
  5. lokem

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    IMO, the file is still being locked/used by the particular dll. What program did you use to d/l the file?
  6. Amigosdefox

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    One question: What does IMO mean?
  7. SuperCheetah

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    IMO= In My Opinion

    You been seeing all the crazy adware Kazaa has in it???
    Here is a version without the Ads:
  8. Amigosdefox

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    Thanks Il check it out. I notice that Kazaa slows down my computer much more than the old Morpheus (before it became Gnutella) did. My guess is that this is partly because all of the adware and spyware it installs.
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