Dell 1703 TFt/LCD Screen Black Spots

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Nov 5, 2007
  1. I have a a Dell TFT and there are black spots on the screen I don't remember how they are formed But they look bad when there are light colours applied and majorly on white screen But the question is that when i scroll mouse pointer on those spots the pointer does not turns its colours It remains same white. i don't know where this problem is in rear of the screen or front is there any two surfaces in screens i.e. one working backwords or other on fronts.

    Is there's a way to fix it?

    They look (dull)white when screen is Off.
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    these are called dead pixels. There are programs that can attempt to resuscitate dead pixels, however there is no guarantee. This is a pitfall of lcd technology. If you get more than 4 in your warranty period, you should be able to get lcd replacement service.
  3. tariq3877

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    What exactly are they?

    The spot is Like a thumb pressed the screen below the spot works but with a permanant black shade on it. You are unable to find them on dark images. They looks white in pure dark and even if lcd is Power off. Are they really Dead Pixels.
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    yes...thats dead pixel my friend. A dead pixel is a pixel whose transistor has failed, thereby creating no display image. On a solid black background, dead pixels will stand out as tiny dots of red, white or blue.

    So if you bought this monitor recently, and are still in warranty....check with your supplier ( who you bought it from) and check with dell support....they may offer you a deal...may not....

    Aarron Bittick
  5. tariq3877

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    OH Ho. I am still unable to understand

    Look for Last time please explain again. Look If there is a picture or some thing on background you can not find them mouse pointer doesnot changes in that area it looks working its only a Shade. Is that too dead pixels?

    And thankyou very much for your previous Replies.
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