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Dell D410 Bios Password Removal Service Tag -595B

By Postgre SQL · 20 replies
Aug 1, 2007
  1. Hi I was wondering if someone can help.
    I have a dell d410 with the service tag ending in -595B.
    I tried using password.exe but it would not work, their's an administrative password on the computer(bios password) so I can't change any of the reboot settings, I'm completely locked out. I've tried everything.
    I'm thinking about short circuiting the eeprom chip on the dell, or replacing the eeprom chip. I really don't know which one is best, or if someone has a password generator or some back door password, or even some technique that has worked. Can someone offer me advice????
    Because I read somewhere that when you replace the eeprom chip on dell latitude's when you boot the computer with the new chip the computer explodes, that's suppose to happen because of some type of security measure, Dell has incase labtops are stolen.
  2. ksprott

    ksprott TS Rookie

    Another Dell D410 with Locked BIOS

    Hi, I see that you can help people with a locked BIOS and a Dell D410 model. My service tag is GVY0S91-595B. Can you help me? I have been trying forever to get into this computer. THANK YOU!
  3. rickk1

    rickk1 Banned Posts: 68

    Dell Solution Network: Knowledge Base Article

    » Contact Dell™ Technical Support via the Internet or by telephone.

    You can contact Dell Technical Support via the Internet or by telephone.

    By Internet
    Contact Dell Technical Support at http://support.dell.com/contactus/contactushome.aspx.
    By Telephone
    Please have your Express Service Code ready. The Express Service Code can be found on a sticker on the bottom of portable computers and on the back panel of desktop computers.

    NOTE: If you cannot locate the Express Service Code, go to Technical Support Contact Us. Click Find My Express Service Code and Yes, I Do Agree. Make note of the Express Service Code that appears.

    Dell Technical Support at (800) 624-9896
    Dell Automated Support at (800) 247-9362
    If you purchased your computer through a Faculty, Student, and Staff (FSS) program or an Employee Purchase Program (EPP), call (800) 822-8965.

    Is this a laptop or a desktop?
  4. mscrx

    mscrx TS Rookie Posts: 310

    bios configure password

    guys, Paragon33 just helped me with that problem yesterday.
    you need the dst cd boot the laptop with it - if the boot order doesn't allow cd first, you just need to push f12 during the dell screen to open the one time boot menu. after that you have to change or erase the service tag. this will erase the eeprom and the configure password (admin, setup or bios password - whatever you call it) will be gone too. thats it. change your service tag back to its original value if you want and you'll be fine. it worked for a d400 which I was supposed to fix for a friend.

    good luck!
  5. figueroa496

    figueroa496 TS Rookie

    Hey Guys?

    What is a DST cd, and how do I get?

  6. mscrx

    mscrx TS Rookie Posts: 310

    DST CD = Dell Service Technician CD
    this cd contains tools to modify or erase a dell pc/laptop service tag, asset tag and owner tag. by erasing or modifying the service the bios configuration pw gets deleted as well, nice side effect :)

    download it here:


    password is "smellyalater" (without quotes)

    cheers, mscrx
  7. Mave

    Mave TS Rookie

    The problem is that this CD won't boot from most newer laptops (meaning last 4 years or so).

  8. mscrx

    mscrx TS Rookie Posts: 310

    that is not correct!!
    the cd boots in every computer even if its not a dell.
    it is designed to work with dell computers but from the inf file I think it works on a few, very few, compaq and samsung (not 100% sure about that).
    anyways I can say that it works for a d410 (worked for me on a d610). I will test it on a d630 soon, which is one of the latest dell models.
  9. Mave

    Mave TS Rookie

    I have tested this on a C400 and D400, both with BIOS passwords. It starts to boot, then gets to the BIOS screen and asks for the BIOS password.
    Sure, it will work if there is NO BIOS password, but not if there is one.

    Verdict: it doesn't work.
  10. mscrx

    mscrx TS Rookie Posts: 310

    ho wait, please understand that we were talking about the bios configure password!

    the topics starter asks for the password to make changes in the bios configuration, such as boot order and switching on/off devices.

    what you describe is the system password which you need to access the computer to work with it in general.
    if this password is set, yes, you can't access the bios nor the laptop at all.
    but this was not the question here and the dst-cd was not intended to fix this.

    removing or changing the service tag has the side effect to also remove the bios configure password...
    and thats great :)

    hope this clarifies everything
  11. Obi

    Obi TS Enthusiast

  12. Mave

    Mave TS Rookie

    Yes, the BIOS configured password. If you have a password set the CD will not boot your system.

  13. mscrx

    mscrx TS Rookie Posts: 310

    I take that as an agreement :)

    cheers, mscrx
  14. ordi

    ordi TS Rookie

    I am new on this forum as well.

  15. mscrx

    mscrx TS Rookie Posts: 310

    hi ordi

    1. do not post email addresses unless you like spam
    2. did you try dell service? d630 is pretty new and I wonder if there is no warranty or something

    sorry, I can't help with passwords. some guys here sell passwords some give them out for free.
    good luck finding one of the 'good' guys!

  16. ordi

    ordi TS Rookie


    thanx mscrx!;)
  17. Lobo1225

    Lobo1225 TS Rookie

    Can you pleeeaaassse help me. I need to unlock the bios password. You said on the forum to pm you with an email address. The Service tag is DQZCQB1-595b thanks in advance.
  18. mscrx

    mscrx TS Rookie Posts: 310

    first, search and read the forum. you will find the right place to state your request!
    second this part is incorrect and therefore removed by Moderator

    good luck

    Moderator Edit:
    All should read here first: https://www.techspot.com/vb/topic90285.html
  19. Lobo1225

    Lobo1225 TS Rookie

    sorry bout that
  20. tracy1881

    tracy1881 TS Rookie

    @mscrx: Thank for your posts, really heplful for me.
  21. JeIIo

    JeIIo TS Rookie

    Im new,and i need kinda of help with my laptop...
    I have a latitude D430 Series
    #D16723J-595B And i need the password can someone help with that

    P.S Pm me if you have a gen or somthing and you would liek to send it to me

    Regards Angelo

    Moderator Edit:
    read >>> Dell Bios Password removal. Read this first BEFORE posting.
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