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Dell D520 Motherboard Schematics

By bttmdwlr ยท 4 replies
Jun 3, 2009
  1. Can anyone decypher this mb code from my Dell D520 ? I've looked on the mb but there is no mfg. tag or label or branding. mb is out of system and all the markings on both sides have DADOM5MB8E4 rev E and that's all. In particular can anyone identify the circuits at spots U31 and C51 ? Any input or leads will be greatly appreciated.

    Dell D520
    1gb. ram
    100gb hdd
    serv. tag G6N6ZC1
    express tag 35230271329
  2. Tmagic650

    Tmagic650 TS Ambassador Posts: 17,231   +234

    What is the trouble symptom?
  3. bttmdwlr

    bttmdwlr TS Rookie Topic Starter

    No trouble just trying to see if I can id the 24c chip on my D520. It does not appear on the lists of systems that have passed the shorting method and the references to a 25l something something which is the keyboard controller. But I'm figuring if the D500 and the D510 use the 24c setup why not another system in the loop ?The 500 and the 600 series are basically the same systems w/ memory and cpu upgrades right ? Then why would they leave it (the service tag keeping chip #24C) out on the 520 ? Since no one has id'd or reported their success, I figured I'd give it a try.
  4. raybay

    raybay TS Evangelist Posts: 6,908   +10

    As I understand it, the code you need is no longer kept on a separate, accessible chip. There are plenty of Dell business and government clients who have been pushing Dell and all other manufacturers into a mode that prevents "adjustments" that reduce security and make theft more inviting. Also, you will notice that those Dell mother boards for the D520 and similar are much, much more costly. This all has to be part of the plan.
  5. bttmdwlr

    bttmdwlr TS Rookie Topic Starter

    My problems are over. After completing the change of ownership form, I waited 2 more weeks and contacted support and was surprised when the D-Tech ran me through 4 different sets of numbers and I was made the proud owner of a Dell D520 laptop. With the guidance of this forum and the many posts saving me from being another sucka'. Thankx a million ten hundred to the forum members who make this entire site without a doubt a good thing come from corporate greed. Hats off to all who use and contribute to this wonderful wonderful thing.
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