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Oct 30, 2010
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  1. hi all have a problem with wife's PC when ever you start it Jason paint comes up and you can only get rid of it by hitting CTRL ALT / DELETE and if you just try to close it won't let you it will say (the feature you are trying to use is on a CD-ROM or removable disk ) there is no disk never was it came installed then when you try to Delete it it will say (you can not delete ERROR 1316 a network error accrued
  2. Macboatmaster

    Macboatmaster TS Member Posts: 75

    Go Start, run, type "msconfig".
    Click the StartUp tab what is listed there please, that is checked ie: has a tick in the check box.
  3. shulong6

    shulong6 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    apdproxy ,reader,lifeexp,v v x1000, isuspm ,teatimer, yahoomeasenger , ctfmon, yspservice
  4. Macboatmaster

    Macboatmaster TS Member Posts: 75

    Sorry I have been sometime replying. Busy with other matters.
    Send me please the exact details of what it is that appears _ Jason Paint.
    Do this by pressing the Print Screen key then Start, Programs, Accessories, Paint and then on the edit tab click paste.
    Then on the File tab, click Save As and on file type select JPEG Attach that to your reply.

    In relation to the startup itmes I do not see anything to account for it but there are many other reasons it could appear
    LEAVE CHECKED - yspservice that is Yahoo Search Protection.
    LEAVE CHECKED - teatimer, that is SPYBOT
    LEAVE CHECKED - ctfmon - a microsoft service. (not necessary at startup, but even if you uncheck it, it will just start again on nect restart.
    UNCHECK yahoo messenger, it is not necesaary to run on startup, you just start it when you need it.
    UNCHECK isuspm - checks for updates for programs you have installed - a Macrovision item. and unnecessary at startup.
    UNCHECK apdproxy - Adobe Photoshop Album - you can just start it when needed. This simply leaves it running automatically as a taskbar icon.
    UNCHECK - reader. I presume it is actually Reader_sl and the Command to the right of it is C\Program Files\Adobe. It is unnecessary at startup. IF THAT IS NOT THE ENTRY post the full entry
    for this item.
    UNCHECK - lifeexp and vvx1000 - both unnecessary at startup, both for the webcam.

    UNCHECKING these items will not stop anything working. It will probably make the boot slightly quicker.
    However I do not see any of them as the cause of the problem.
    If you do go ahead with this remember to click Apply and OK. On restart you will see a message telling you the system is running etc. Just check the box on that message not to show again.

    Pls keep tapping F8 key, immediately after first post screen and then select Safe Mode with Networking.
    Does the problem still occur.
  5. shulong6

    shulong6 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    ok ill try tomorrow your up early or staying up late
  6. shulong6

    shulong6 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Talked to the IT guy at work he says looks like i need to reinstall windows as this can not be deleted dose any one know how to excess dell recovery as dell dose not come with cd's
  7. LookinAround

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    I think a reinstall is probably overkill

    I concur with Macboatmaster: It's likely due to a startup and/or a prior and corrupt partial installation. That error message commonly occurs for corrupt installations

    Which version of Windows are you running? Can you look in Add/Remove programs (or equivalent) to see if the program is listed there and Uninstall?

    You can also try the MS Uninstall Cleanup Utility. Here;s a link (similar and common problem - tho a different program in the link. Use it as an example)

    I'm overly cautious, so I'd also take the precuation of creating a System Restore point before running the MS cleanup tool.
  8. Macboatmaster

    Macboatmaster TS Member Posts: 75

    From my earlier post.

    and from your first post.

    Pls do not think I am being akward, but if you have an IT guy at work, these problems are always easier to solve when you can see the actual computer screen. Two possible solutions on a forum can be acomplished in a tenth of the time when you actually have the computer in front of you.
    I suggest you take it to him.

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