Dell Dimension 4400: All 4 green lights, but boot failure

By Qwertyfish11
Dec 6, 2009
  1. Okay, so a while ago my dell crashed. BSOD, the whole nine yards. Then i turned it on just today (thinking it was an OS crash) to install fedora 12 on it, but windows came on (surprise!), and so i decided to uninstall some programs i NEVER use, like aol and kodak software frome 2004. this was all fine and dandy until i was prompted to restart. this was going okay for about 2 times, but on the 3rd time, i got a screen that showed the dell logo, and then it went black and displayed the text :
    In addition, the lights are 3 green, 1 orange. At, they give a guide for what this means, and this is the only combo that says "Other Failure". Ergh! >:-X
    This is so amazingly confusing, please help.
    UPDATE: okay, this is getting very confusing! sometimes it's all green, sometimes it's 3 green 1 orange!
  2. Kcircyrd

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    The Dell Dimension 4400 about 6 - 7 years old, possibly more. Has the hard drive been replaced since it was new.
    What you report is typical of a hard drive failure in that model.
    What lights are you talking about that are green? The orange light means that the computer is on, but is not booted to an operating system.
    If you have the dell Windows XP recovery disk set, you might want to purchase a new hard drive from your local computer parts and supply vendor, or from some place like,,,, or other online vendor you trust. Those EIDE drives are going up in price, but I recommend you purchase the largest drive that fits your budget, then install your software using the Dell disk set, then download all the Windows Updates.
    Finally, obtain an external USB Drive case. Insert your drive into that case and plug the unit into the USB port of your computer. If Windows XP is fully installed, it will recognize that external USB drive (your old one) and allow you to drag and drop the files from the failed hard drive to a new one.
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