dell insperion E 1505 vista/linkysy

By deseraligears
Sep 30, 2007
  1. having problems with a Dell with Vista staying connected the other lap in house seems to be fine. I mention the vista part as a possible issue (guess)
    so I may need to be cleare this lap top Dell Inspirion E 1595 wiil not stay connected I read the guide you gave about going to Linksys site but the path did not work. the router is connected to an older Latitude. we did the set up with the cd originally. any help or if you need further info let me know
    wrk54g vz 2.4 ghz linksys router AT&T high speed Thanks
  2. Tedster

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    I suspect driver issues with Vista. You may need to "downgrade" (actually upgrade) to XP.
  3. deseraligears

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    I was hoping for a solution or a way to try and fix first and than i would look at all the Vista vs. XP so anyone have a procdeure I might try thanks
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