Dell Inspiron 1525 laptop keyboard problem faulty or not?

Please can anyone tell me if my keyboard is faulty or not ?
Symptoms is i start the laptop up fine and works web, office etc but then after a few mintues it goes haywire and the mouse goes really erractic fire over the screen and wont stay in one place its like its got the shakes, Any know what my fault is a friend said to me that happened with him and his was faulty keyboard. Anyone any suggestions please ?


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The trackpad and the keyboard are separate - But the issues with the keyboard going haywire is definitely the sound of a faulty keyboard. I would replace this first.
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dell 1525 keyboard ordered fitted and all working again thanks

Thankyou for your replies i ordered a keyboard and it came the following morning, To remove the old dell keyboard was easy and i have fitted the new keyboard and all problems gone so end of problem and keyboard was cheap as well, dell quoted me silly money but found dell 1525 keyboard here, i am new to this and techspot say i am not allowed to post links but the keyboard i found was at coywood just do a search in google
again thanks everyone dell laptop all fixed and working like new again


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Fast service, glad you got the laptop working right once again. A faulty laptop keyboard CAN cause the touch pad to malfunction!