Dell Inspiron 3700 password problem

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Jan 2, 2008
  1. I have read a lot of different threads and discovered that there are a lot of people having problems with their Dell Laptop passwords.

    I found out that you can use a paperclip to clear the 24Co2 chip on many of the Dell Laptop models. Unfortunately my Model Inspiron 3700 wasn't listed as being one of those.

    I bought my laptop from a guy who bought it from a guy and do not know the original owner's name. Therefore I cannot change ownership at the Dell website. Since I cannot change ownership, Dell will not give me the password. Tech support said they would help me if I could change ownership. So there must be a master password or something.

    I have tried all of the backdoor passwords I could find. It is a Phoenix BIOS. It may be in flash memory or an EPROM? I am really stuck!

    Can anybody please help me? If you own an Inspiron 3700 would you call and tell Dell that they lost your password. Then share the information with me please.

    I do not have the original documentation or CD's that came with it. Maybe the answer is there? I just don't know.

    Maybe it is a password generated by the service tag and will not work for me? I tried the latitude password generator already.
    My service tag is F4ENP

    I haven't been able to find anyone with answers for my Inspiron 3700 laptop.
    Can someone please help me.
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  3. mscrx

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    can you at least tell us how far you got with the laptop and which password you need.
    there are a few passwords that a dell laptop can have. please specify!
  4. trimjim007

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    Inspiron 3700 setup password problem

    I tried the CLEAR CMOS software and it didn't work. I was hoping to find software somewhere that would allow me to read the BIOS but couldn't find any that worked.

    I found a whole list of back door passwords for the various BIOS's. Award, Phoenix, AMI, etc. But none of them worked.

    The password that I need is the one that unlocks setup. There is also an administrater password and a hard disk drive password on my Inspiron 3700 but they are not enabled thankfully. I'm glad the previous owner didn't password protect them or I wouldn't even be able to boot up.

    I was able to load Windows 95. I was able to do that with floppy disks. But I cannot add windows 98 or Windows 2000 because I cannot change setup to boot on the CD Rom drive. I would really like to add Windows 2000.

    I have another old slow laptop with windows 2000 installed. It has the same hard disk drive in it. But when I put that hard disk drive in the Inspiron 3700, it will not see it? It will not boot or anything. Is that because both computers have different windows drivers?

    I would be happy to get Windows 2000 to work. But then even if I did, I would still have this password problem. There must be an answer. Somebody must know how to clear it. Dell said they would help if I could get the owner's name.

    I went back to the guy I bought it from but he struck out. There must be a way to do this. Anybody???
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    ok, not sure if your inspiron is supported by the dst cd but its worth a try.
    follow this:

    - go to
    - download the dst cd
    - boot your laptop with the cd
    - change or delete the service tag and reboot
    - the bios configure password will be removed on service tag changes

    if this doesn't work post your system id given by the dst cd during the attempt to start the service tag tool. it should look like 015f can be only 2 or 3 chars long. maybe I can give you a workaround then... well try first!

    and for the hdd swap. it might just not work because the bios setup is disabled and you're not allowed to install new devices. they just stay unrecognized.....
  6. trimjim007

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    MSCRX I do not know how to thank you. It worked beautifully. I put the exact same service tag in when asked. The software reset the password. I am so happy!!! Thank you sooooo much! Please let all Inspiron laptop owners who have password problems know about this fix.

    You are the BEST!!!
  7. mscrx

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    I am glad this worked for inspiron too. will keep that in mind!
    enjoy your laptop then :)
  8. kimsland

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    The password "smellyalater" I cannot see on the site as listed anywhere
    Are all boot images on this site using the same password ? (as I don't want to download them all to test)

    Is this program using "svctag" ?
    Alternatively from here:

    Thank-you if you decide to reply (and for the valuable link)

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  9. mscrx

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    the password is posted where everybody should read first, here:

    all files use the same password...

    yes, the svctag.exe is part of the images and used to edit the service tag.
    the cd iso is a clone of a dell technician cd (dst) with (I think) a modified svctag.ini file which contains the parameters for editing different laptop models. you could also build a bootable dos disk and put the svctag.exe on it or even the (which can also edit the owner tag and asset tag).
    its not a big deal but if you get it all prepared why bother....
  10. kimsland

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    asset /O Thank-you very much

    I agree the disk and original post by Julio (u=1) is very helpful.
  11. mscrx

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    btw version 2.09 is even able to edit service tags on dell desktops.
    I tested it successfully on 5 different optiplex models
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