Dell Inspiron e1505 battery life

By the1andonlyjj
Jul 4, 2008
  1. Well my girlfriend has a Dell inspiron e1505 and she told me that she has been having a major problem with it for awhile. Her battery will a lot of the time refuse to charge, meaning right when she unplugs it, it shuts off. However, sometimes it will charge, but when it does this it last for an hour and half. But most of the times it does not do this. She has told me she looked up the problem and many people experience this problem and that even if you buy a new battery it still will happen. She has yet to ever replace her battery and i know she has had it for more then a year now. But before i go out and buy a battery for her what do you guys think could be wrong with it?
  2. kimsland

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    The battery !
  3. raybay

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    Batteries last about a year... longer if there have not been a number of re-charges.
    They are regulated by a chip that counts the number of full charges. The chip is designed to shut down the battery if there is risk of over use... to prevent fires and other problems.
    Then about 15 percent of batteries are sort of defective.
    A new battery from a good source should fix the problem. If not, she may have a hard ware problem in the laptop. I don't see that the e1505 is known for battery issues.
    Be sure she has a good power adapter that is not too beat up or has no knots or hard kinks in the cable. And of course, be sure the connecting pins from the laptop to the battery are not bent. A good way to clean them is to use a pencil eraser then some 90 percent alcohol or denatured alcohol.
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