Dell password troubles

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Oct 17, 2005
  1. Hi, i have a Dell Demension 4550 desktop, it ask for a password even before it boots, cant even enter bios or setup, any help would be appreciated, sorry if this is posted in the wrong place.
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    Take a look HERE

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  3. reidy523

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    Hi there, I have just bought a Dell latitude CSx from ebay, but the message 'hard-disk #*****12T7HV-595B, the system primary HDD, is protected by a password authentication system... blah blah' I have contacted the seller on ebay, but they have not replied, is there anything I can do to retrieve this password, that does not involve taking apart the lapotop, or laying a sum of money? please help. Many thanks in advance
  4. citopr

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    Inspiron 1150

    I have an Inspiron 1150 It has a Bios Master password that I just cannot remove. I tried the paper clip trick on the chip pins 4&6 and nothing works. Atleast not all the way. I get the screen saying push Fn-X to return to manufactors settings but if I push Fn-X nothing Happens. It will eventually go to the grey screen of death. The service tag would be xxxed out but when I reboot it it would be back to normal. Can anybody please help me? Service Tag is #63K8L51-A95B
    I really need some help here. Thanks everybody.
  5. talons12

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    dell bios password

    hi all this is my first post so here goes i have a dell d 610 laptop cant get in to it its got a grey screen asking for password it was my sons laptop he died a short while ago need to get in to the laptop anyone on the planet help
  6. shortbus

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    Hello, I too am having a Dell bios password problem on a inspiron 2200 I am unable to config the bios it is password locked any help would be great. Thanks ShortBus...
  7. chaz007

    chaz007 TS Rookie

    Hi this is my first post. I have a dell D620 laptop and i can not get into it. There is a grey screen asking for a password. HELP....
  8. Rocky1001

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    Spontaneous drive password activation.

    I've got an Inspiron 8600 P4M@1.6Ghz that dual boots WinXP Home and FC6. Yesterday it was fine. I powered it down, removed my work harddrive, swapped in an old 20GB drive that I was going to pass on to a friend and ran boot'n'nuke to wipe the giveaway. That finished fine, I pulled the giveaway and swapped in my usual working drive and suddenly I'm getting that ".... -595B, the system primary HDD, is protected by a password authentication system... blah blah' message.

    I've never used the drive password facility and baffled that it's suddenly asking for one. Never having set a drive password, nothing I try works, 'bout like I'd expect. I'vetried all of several dozen passwords I use more or less routinely, drive ad latop manufacturer names ... basically anything I can think of, to no avail. I'd zero the drive, but I can't see it whether it's on the IDE bus or USB I'm stumped
  9. T_C_

    T_C_ TS Rookie

  10. frister

    frister TS Rookie

    Password problems solved?

    Ok, I've read the problems you all have with the passwords, This may not apply to all dell computers, but.......

    Upon discovery of my sisters 4600, there is a jumper on the motherboard that is either set on 1-2 or 2-3
    with 1-2 being normal, and 2-3 being Clean, I assume that this jumper will also reset the password, or may even stop requirement of such request.

    I am NOT a dell employee, or consider myself, an expert,
    I have built and tinkered with them, and it can be overwhelming,
    So, PLEASE ASK SOMEONE TO DO THIS FOR YOU, if you know nothing about the process of opening it up, Because to you newbies, who are unaware of this, but static electricity, in you clothes, can short circuit your mb, and then you have more probs.
    So take that into consideration, before opening it up.
  11. T_C_

    T_C_ TS Rookie

    For desktop PCs only.
  12. sowfpote

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    New fish in the pond

    Not sure what info you guyz I am ready to be schooled!
  13. pepboy

    pepboy TS Rookie

    Dell Inspiron E1704

    Can anyone please help to clear BIOS password for Dell Service Tag:64SLKC1-595B.

  14. smittyre

    smittyre TS Rookie

    I have a Dell Inspiron 2500 what is the best way to reset the bios password the service tag is D3KGY01
  15. gun

    gun TS Rookie

    password on BIOS

    Help please!
    At me notebook Dell D820. At inclusion writes Invalid configuration information - please run SETUP program. And I cannot enter in BIOS. to any actions does not react neither F2 nor F12. after that the grey screen with an inscription about input of the password opens as the computer is bought from other hands of the password I do not know service tag *2LTZ82J-595B. Help to remove the password. I from Russia badly speak on English therefore I ask to excuse for my English. Help please! I shall be very grateful!
  16. dixoncom

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    OK…I have a Dell Inspiron 1100 with the gray screen of death. I took it apart and soldered two wires to the eprom chip to short it. It worked to delete the service tag and it allows me to boot into Windows as long as I don’t power down the laptop completely. I can restart the computer without any problems, but as soon as I turn it off and turn it back on it shows up with the gray screen and has the original service tag meaning I have to short the chip again to get back into Windows. I have tried creating a new service tag with DST, but I still have the same problem after I shut it down. Has anyone else experienced this problem and have a solution? My Service Tag is 86QG041-A95B if any would be inclined to generate a master password for me. Thanks in advance for any help anyone can give me!
  17. gun

    gun TS Rookie

    Help to clear password with bios. Give the link to the program krak on servis tag.for dell d820.
  18. gun

    gun TS Rookie

    Greetings Paragon33. please help me. I have Dell D820 and at me a problem with his loading. At inclusion writes Invalid configuration information - please run SETUP program after that the grey screen with inscription This computer system, #2LTZ82J-595B, is protected by a password authentication system. you cannot access the data on this computer without the correct password.

    Please type in the system or administrator password and press <Enter>
    Prompt that I can make as to load new Bios or to remove the password.
  19. walid

    walid TS Rookie

    Dell D620

    anyone have an idea where is the security chip on D620 and what pins to short?
  20. pasierb

    pasierb TS Rookie

    I have a D520

    Service Tag #7J8413J-595B
    Express Service Code: 16400005327
    bios A06

    Please help me
  21. old1

    old1 TS Rookie

    DEll system password

    After Carefully studying posts, I find latitude.exe is good for system password for dell notebooks except -595B. $25.00 on ebay will get you a new nvram chip without a password. There is a paper clip method for password removal. Dell is no help, forum and personal experience. I have an old PIII latitude 4000 with service tag FKDQ901-595B, express tag 33884118289 and system password. I am too old to solder (shaky) and eyesight is going. I was about to part it out, but if someone could give me a -595B password for it, I'll reprogram it and give it away to a grandkid (or the great grand kid who put password in it-"I DON'T REMEMBER PAPA). Never want to see this DEll again, or own a dell again. IBM rules (Lenovo?) my T43 is great.
  22. hoso

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    THIS NO.Service Tag #7J8413J-595B
    try this : DLODD533
  23. tarinat

    tarinat TS Rookie

    I need master password.
    Dell e1705
    System number: 5GYB2C1-595B
    thank you
  24. avister51291

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    I need the master password for latitude d620

    service tag: 5TMYNB1-595B
    express service code: 12675998845

  25. old1

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    bios password

    I can't help finding a dell password for that unit. However, if it is only bios (entry)password and you can get it to boot to a floppy, use a password remover program saved to a bootable floppy. cmospwd-5.0 is one program that erases all stored passwords in NV ram security chip, including bios password, if you can get unit to boot to a floppy to run it. Sorry I couldn't be more help.
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