Dell XPS 410 Motherboard?

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Dec 11, 2007
  1. I have a Dell XPS 410, as far as i know it has the Standard ATX/BTX Motherboard but i don't know or can find any specs for it online. Does anyone know where i can find some or What kinds of PCI ports its has. Also, i was thinking of Buying a Intel Core 2 Quad core Processor for it. As long as both are LGA 775 they should be compatible correct?
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    Vigs072, no being able to change the processor to something else is not quite that simple. everything has to match for things to work, in the manual it says that MB would work with C2D but it does not say anything about a Quad so I am going to say if they have not released a BIOS to make it work then it is not going to. now someone else can corect me if I am wrong.
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    uhhh... fastco I don't think that is the correct link. He has a XPS not a dimension. Anyway to tell what kind of PCI ports it has go to dells site and find the correct manual for it and it should say what kind of ports it has. nickc is right if the manual does not say anything about supporting a C2Q then it won't. Dell probably hasn't put out a bios update for it yet if it does not support it.
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    Uhhh...Yes sir Mr. Johnson you are correct. I fixed the link...Thanks
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    Under the processor type it says Pentium 4, Pentium D, and Core 2 Duo. So you will not be able to put a quad core into it. Ok you have three PCI, a PCI express x1, a PCI express x4, and a PCI express x16. The x16 is the slot you want for gaming.
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    This is not true....not to sound bad to anyone but those manuals are so dated that there prob. the orignal ones from when the XPS 410 was realeased.

    Anyways as we know big name companys like Dell are a pain when it comes to updating BIOS's and other hardware because they never tell you why they did it, or what they did.

    So to make a long story short I got the recent log update from someone I know at dell through my work. This was even confimed on dell forums by someone else a few days later. Here is every CPU that will work for the XPS 410

    PR173 Presler P4 915, 2.80G, 2X2MB, 800FSB, D0
    UY273 Presler P4 915, 2.08G, 2X2MB, 800FSB, C1
    YW816 Presler P4 925, 3.00G, 2X2MB, 800FSB, D0
    XJ848 Presler P4 930, 3.00G, 2X2MB, 800FSB, C1
    PU963 Presler PD 935, 3.20G, 2X2MB, 800FSB, D0
    DK050 Presler P4 940, 3.20G, 2X2MB, 800FSB, C1
    RT922 Presler P4 945, 3.40G, 2X2MB, 800FSB, C1
    UJ776 Presler P4 950, 3.40G, 2X2MB, 800FSB, C1
    CJ163 Presler P4 960, 3.60G, 2x2MB, 800FSB, B1

    DK593 Cedar Mill 631, 3.00G, 2MB, 800FSB, C1
    PN407 Cedar Mill 641, 3.20G, 2MB, 800FSB, D0
    PY394 Cedar Mill 641, 3.20G, 2MB, 800FSB, C1
    KU339 Cedar Mill 651, 3.40G, 2MB, 800FSB, D0
    PY395 Cedar Mill 651, 3.40G, 2MB, 800FSB, C1
    DK594 Cedar Mill 661, 3.60G, 2MB, 800FSB, C1
    DT883 Cedar Mill 661, 3.60G, 2MB, 800FSB, D0

    HU587 Conroe E4300, 1.80G, 2MB, 800FSB, L2
    DX483 Conroe E4400, 2.00G, 2MB, 800FSB, L2
    RX522 Conroe E4400, 2.00G, 2MB, 800FSB, M0
    DT893 Conroe E6300, 1.86G, 2MB, 1066FSB, B2
    DU362 Conroe E6300, 1.86G, 2MB, 1066FSB, L2
    DX485 Conroe E6320, 1.86G, 4MB, 1066FSB, B2
    DU361 Conroe E6400, 2.13G, 2MB, 1066FSB, L2
    KN977 Conroe E6400, 2.13G, 2MB, 1066FSB, B2
    DX484 Conroe E6420, 2.13G, 4MB, 1066FSB, B2
    KU345 Conroe E6600, 2.40G, 4MB, 1066FSB, B2
    PN416 Conroe E6700, 2.66G, 4MB, 1066FSB, B2
    WM543 Conroe XE X6800, 2.93G, 4MB, 1066FSB, B2

    FG941 Smithfield P4 820, 2.80G, 2MB, 800FSB, Mainstream, B0
    UY272 Smithfield P4 805, 2.66G, 2X1MB, 533FSB, B0

    HU585 Kentsfield Quad Core Q6600, 2.40G, 8MB, 1066FSB, B30
    MP626 Kentsfield Quad Core Q6600, 2.40G, 8MB, 1066FSB, G0

    UT713 Prescott P4 531, 3.0G, 800FSB, 1MB, ALT, G1
    UT714 Prescott P4 541, 3.2G, 800FSB, 1MB, ALT, G1
    UY274 Prescott P4 524, 3.06G, 1MB, 533FSB, G1
  8. xtreme3881

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    Oh and one more thing there was a recent BIOS update as of 12-7-07 so there might be even more CPU's now.


    FYI Yes, this is confirmed Q6600 2.4 QC running in my XPS410:) I almost didnt beleive the person that gave me the info...hahaha
  9. surfgod2005

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    XPS 410 and Quad core Q6700 compatability

    Hi. I am a newbie with limited newbie knowledge and owe alot of my "worthier" knowledge to this forum

    I have just "semi-successfully" installed my new Intel core 2 Quad Q6700, 2.66 GHz, 1066MHz into my XPS 410, but only after using Dell BIOS update released 12/7/07. Tried to install cpu befroe bios update and it was not recognized. Did some serious research and learned to and updated BIOS and it recognized. Aside from my concerns written below, I otherwise see no other problems and am soon to really test (once I feel safe based on the info below)

    Still checking it out as its only been running 1 hour, and only concerns so far are (and pleeeeaaaase offer any advice on this stuff):

    -cpu temp (help me out here): Intel says "an internal ambient temperature at or below 38C is req'd". Is this core temps or chassis environment, or??? I have PC Wizard 2008 running to watch cpu temps and have variables up to around 43C deg and 44C deg . Is this the same? On further studying, found Q6700 "thermal specification" at 71C deg.

    Q: Anyone willing to give a little input as to what I am reading and what is happening? Just want to make sure I am not going into a slow death here.Thanks

    -cpu load distibution: again just using PC Wizard 2007 to monitor cpu loads and temps, etc., I see that of the four cores, at any random moment, one core will be 92% load and another at 2% load - of course not continuous (yet), and of course higher temp readings on cores under high load. Is this normal?

    Q: Same "Q" as above, and thanks again!
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    The ambient temperature is the maximum temperature within your case that Intel's stock heatsink will be successful at cooling the Q6700. They don't want the inside of your case to be beyond 38C. There is probably a tad bit of headroom with that number though. Furthermore, do not follow any stock internal sensors that provide an ambient temperature through software. Take the temperature yourself physically.

    Your CPU itself is operating at 43C, which is more than safe, as the maximum thermal capacity of the Q6700 is 71C. Everything is just fine, keep your pants on ;).

    I don't run a quad core CPU, however, it would make plenty of sense to me for the load distribution to have some cores handling threads, and others idling if you aren't doing anything particularly intensive. Even more obvious is the fact that if a core is indeed under load, it's temperature would be higher than that of a core which was doing nothing. Again, keep your pants on, this should be normal.
  11. surfgod2005

    surfgod2005 TS Rookie

    Thank you for helping clarify the temp stuff.

    I will post any problems I encounter with my new cpu if and as soon as they occur (and after I find a computer to log in with incase of total crash/fry/explosion), as I noticed a lot of compatablility questions regarding the XPS 410 and Q6700 quads, just not a lot of answers, at least not where I have looked to this point. Again, so faar seems fine, and based on temp issues just read above, it's looking good.
  12. santos

    santos TS Rookie

    Hi there.

    I have an XPS 410 and was interested in upgrading my current Core 2 Duo 6700 to a Quad 6600/6700.

    Did you folks have to upgrade the standard 375W power supply? If so, any recommendations?

  13. surfgod2005

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    To Santos-

    I did not have to upgrade anything in regards to power supply and I started with the xps 410 with core 2 duo 6300 1.86 Ghz. I have had no problems whatsoever. Just make sure to get the BIOS update from dell released 12/7/07 and it should recognize a 6700 immediately (I know nothing about recognizing the 6800, personally).

    I was also able to keep the 410's stock fan and heatsink as they were, even though my Quad 6700 came with new one (it would not work with my mobo without a jackhammer and a welder). My temps have been no problem at all (I know his now thanks to the insight from "Zenosicks" help earlier).

    I still have had no trouble... with my quad 6700 anyway. If I could just get past these Vista issues and crashes that I've dealt with all along..... (resetting soon!)

    Hope this helps
  14. Webbdesign

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    Quad Core on Dell XPS 410

    Im tempted to upgrading my processor also. Have also upgraded the BIOS and am ready to buy the processor.

    Is it necessary to reinstall all of the software, drivers, etc?

    Will Windows Vista freak out and stop working when it detects a new processor?

    I hope someone responds, I am not an expert nor an intermediate user.

    Thank you in advance.
  15. surfgod2005

    surfgod2005 TS Rookie


    My own personal experience with upgrading my processor was very easy. I don't know what type of system you have, but mine is Dell XPS 410 and my motherboard (don't know exact brand - came with machine) came with LGA 775 socket for the CPU to reside.

    I too am no pro but have learned a lot over the last 9 months reading this and other forums, etc. After all was said and done, the change was in the end very simple. I basically just turned off (and unplugged) the machine as instructed, opened up the case, carefully removed my old intel core 2 duo, put on the thermal grease as instructed (very important) and dropped in the new cpu. Had the updated BIOS (from 12/7/07) in place and after closing everything up and turning the machine back on, Vista immediately recognized it without a hitch. I did not have to reload anything and the change out seemed to have no negative impacts at all.

    I was worried about Vista issues too and was surprised there were none at all related to this change. I was however worried about heat issues as you can read in previous posts (especially since my new cpu came with new cooling fan that would not fit. My stock cooling fan seems to be plenty and I see no signs of overheating to date since the change.

    The only thing else I can think of is maybe make sure you at least have most recent updates for chipset drivers (my chipset is P965).

    If you have a different machine than what mine, maybe post some info about it, as much as you know anyway. If different, hopefully someone will catch your post and help if I can't myself. If it's the same, I'd say go for it!
  16. surfgod2005

    surfgod2005 TS Rookie

    okay - just saw that you have xps 410. what cpu do you have running right now. Do you know the socket type? Chipset?

    I hope this helps.
  17. Webbdesign

    Webbdesign TS Rookie

    XPS 410 processor upgrade to Quad Core

    Thanks for your response.

    I have a Dell 410 Xps, Dual Core 4300 at 1.80Ghz.
    I installed 4Gb Ram but Windows Vista only detects 3.(love this *****ic feature)

    I've called Dell Support several times now, and always get a different response, from NO you cant upgrade, you need to buy a new System, to well, we are not sure, let me check for you....

    I dont know what chipset and dont know where to find this info?
    SOcket set? no idea. again, where do I find this info?

    Sorry for what might seem stupid questions, but I am only a designer that works with software installed on the computer, I have no idea about the insides of my computer.
  18. surfgod2005

    surfgod2005 TS Rookie


    I looked up your processor online and it appears to use the common LGA 775 socket. This is a good thing!.

    I tried to remember how I figured out what my chipset was on my computer. I'll keep checking if there is an easy way without going online, etc. Until then, I did find a link on intel's site that is an Intel chipset indentifier that you can easily download, use to identify, then easily remove. It apparently doesn't load up junk on your machine. Just the identifying feature and is easily removable when done. (This intel site also has a CPU identifier link that may help you find specs on your old CPU, just incase) Here is that link:

    As far as Vista and their memory issue, I think I "heard" that the Vista service pack 1 might address this problem (I wonder if they can help me with my memory issue, ha ha). I do remember that it is being dealt with somehow. If I find info on that I'll post it here. I too have that same problem and am not being offered svc pack 1 yet (they're letting it out slowly to the masses, and, if your system has a small issue (?), it may not make it available yet). If you dont have svc pack 1 yet and are not offered on windows automatic update, be careful of downloading directly off their website, as I understand that it does something like loads up different language variations and is a much, much larger file size.

    PS: no worries about the questions. I spent months reading these forums and was never comfortable offering advice and therefore never contributed. I'm glad to be of some help finally. Do please double check this info if in doubt. Definitely check out Intel link for more help. As long as you can verify your chipset is compatible with new CPU, I think you will have no trouble at all.

  19. Webbdesign

    Webbdesign TS Rookie

    Hi SurfGod2005,
    Thanks for the info, I downloaded both utilities and ran them, here are the results:


    Detected Chipset:
    Intel(R) G965 Express Chipset

    Chipset Components

    Memory Controller:

    I/O Controller:
    Intel(R) 82801HH I/O controller hub (ICH8DH) SATA Controller found in RAID mode

    Integrated Graphics:
    Not Detected or Disabled

    Intel(R) Processor Identification Utility
    Version: 3.8.20080505
    Time Stamp: 2008/05/24 03:29:40
    Number of processors in system: 1
    Current processor: #1
    Cores per processor: 2
    Disabled cores per processor: 0
    Processor Name: Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Duo CPU E4300 @ 1.80GHz
    Type: 0
    Family: 6
    Model: F
    Stepping: 2
    Revision: 56
    Maximum CPUID Level: A
    L1 Instruction Cache: 2 x 32 KB
    L1 Data Cache: 2 x 32 KB
    L2 Cache: 2 MB
    Packaging: LGA775
    EIST: Yes
    MMX(TM): Yes
    SSE: Yes
    SSE2: Yes
    SSE3: Yes
    SSE4: No
    Enhanced Halt State: Yes
    Execute Disable Bit: Yes
    Hyper-Threading Technology: No
    Intel(R) 64 Architecture: Yes
    Intel(R) Virtualization Technology: No
    Expected Processor Frequency: 1.80 GHz
    Reported Processor Frequency: 1.80 GHz
    Expected System Bus Frequency: 800 MHz
    Reported System Bus Frequency: 800 MHz

    So, can you help me figure if this is good or not? (for replacing the current Core Duo) to a Quad Core..
    Thanks, again, for all your help.
  20. surfgod2005

    surfgod2005 TS Rookie

    Hi webbdesign-

    Good info. Glad you were able to use them okay.

    It looks like you have the right chipset in place. Everything else looks good too. One thing for sure is that you should notice a measurable difference in performance once you switch over. Again, I was very impressed with how easily Vista discovered the new processor. I know that there were posts here and on other forums that raised doubt on wether or not you could upgrade to that big of a processor. When I did mine (the Q6700), the only thing I could find info on at the time as far as compatablilty, was the Q660, and that was just from a users experience. Dell wasn't even acknowledging it yet via tech support, etc. There was talk referring to the manual that it wasn't supported.

    As far as I'm concerned, you have the right socket (LGA775), the right chipset
    (G965) and I know that the BIOS from 12/7/07 will definitely work on at least the Q6700 and maybe even more for all I know. I'd say it looks very good and you should get better performance from doing the upgrade, especially if you work with any kind of graphics.

    I hope this helps.

    PS: don't forget the thermal grease and just follow instructions carefully. It's surprisingly easy if you do.

  21. Webbdesign

    Webbdesign TS Rookie

    Many thanks,
    I think I will purchase it right now!
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