Dell XPS M1330 Hardware and OEM questions

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Ok... i bought this XPS from a "back-door" special from a manager at circuit city....... it had a Bios password... i finally got that unlocked but it seems that there was some sort of restriction programming installed so it could be used as a demo model at the store.

i spent over 3 hours on the phone with dell today to see what i could do to get rid of the restiction. since i didn't buy it through the actual store ( i paid the manager 100 bucks for it because the store was closing ) Dell isn't willing to help. Though they did suggest reformating the hard drive by installing a new OEM.

Now this is my question.... Would re-installing the operating system fix this problem??

I've been told by different sources different things. some say that re installing without totally deleteing everything off my existing hard drive would still leave that program installed and it would control the new OEM. Others said that the new OEM would override all the previous data.

This leads me to another question..... Should i risk re-installing the new OEM without certainty that the old program/software would be over ridden??? and if i would have to ferform a hard drive wipe... How would i wipe my hard drive clean??

Lastly the XPS system has an Intel Centrino dual core processor.... and is currently being run with Windows Vista Ultimate ..... if i were to install a new OEM i would have to use Windows XP home and i'm not sure if it compatible. i know this is a big issue but i really need help with what to do and how to o it so i don't end up waisting the registration on the Win XP home OEM.
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Only way to reinstall vista is to go out and buy it.... ( 189.99 at new for ultimate) while i have a XP home OEM sitting here at my house unused

and with this restriction thing the only webiste i'm granted access to is good for lil stuff but idk if i'd b able to get all my drivers that way
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so u don't think i'd have any issues with this security thing they have on here if i re-install??? and if i buy i think i'd downgrade to vista premium


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The security policy issue is in the currently installed Windows version
It's likely many system files missing (ie the Vista disc required to repair it)

So, therefore

If you format (totally blank harddrive) actually even remove the Partition
Then install Vista (from a genuine Vista DVD)
Then all will be fine ;)
You can then update the drivers from here:

Everyone's happy :)
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c i don't know how to remove everything that is on the hard drive currently and neither do i know what a partition is... i'm pretty NOOB when it comes to some of this stuff :p

and this security stuff isn't the normal security this is the security that is in display models that are in stores ( cause it used to b a display model) to let potential buyers check out the system w/o actually being able to do anything to the computer EVERY feature is locked out i can't even look on a external flash drive
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