Demand for low-end laptop CPUs plummets, and not because of the chip shortage


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Low end and cheap laptops are waste of money. They are not enjoyable to use at all and most will collect dust as a result. Always buy mid-end or better.

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Low-level tech is generally used for applications that won't increase in hardware requirements anytime soon like browsing and office applications. I can still use an old Android tablet that I bought many moons ago for about $120CAD for things like that. Hell, I used the same Llano A8-3500M-based craptop for 8 years and would have continued with it if not for the fact that the power button broke

Funnily enough, after buying a new craptop, I found a new lower skin (that surrounds the keyboard) with a power button included for my old Aspire on eBay for $15. Just for kicks, I bought it, put it on and the craptop works again. Too funny!