Demise of modern warfare 2 on pc

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Oct 18, 2009
  1. just when you thought modern warfare 2 was going to be the biggest selling game ever. pc gamers in their droves are canceling their orders for the game because infinity ward in all their glory have turned their back on the online gaming community but not releasing the game for dedicated servers. big mistake, i and many clan leaders have had orders for mw2 servers for some time only to hear we wont get them, modern warfare 2 was to be a boost for the gaming community as cod4 has come to a stand still. this could be the down fall of infinity ward for their biggest game may be their biggest flop.
  2. Matthew

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    :) I'm willing to bet that it will barely affect sales. I'm also guessing that within three months, most of the people who claim they'll never support Infinity Ward for making such a decision will be playing Modern Warfare 2.
  3. Rage_3K_Moiz

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    I played MW purely for the stellar single-player campaign and for its equally fantastic multiplayer component; I'll still be getting MW2 for these. The high-quality single player campaign alone is worth it IMO.
  4. Ritwik7

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    Absolutely. In recent times Modern Warfare has probably been the only game that has delivered every aspect of an FPS as one would desire. Simply perfect. I can't wait for MW2 to be released! :)
  5. gs2lemark

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    hi, i agree i will be buying the game too but souly becuase of its single player. as i buy most of my games without online intent in mind. but alot of people have waited for this game purly for its community online attraction. and i have just signed an online petition that has over 25000 sigs already. this forum will not allow me to post petition url so here's the short ver.
  6. Relic

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    You should source your material so confused folks know whats going on :D . (1hr 40mins in they talk about it on UStream)

    But anyway this to me is a disappointment and I really didn't expect this from IW. Maybe Activision forced this? He didn't sound super confident in the interview explaining things. And I feel like they turned there back on the PC community in a way especially the gaming leagues and competitive play. He also didn't really explain anything regarding custom content like mappers and modders which I guess means they're screwed (yay?). And that with your "private" server you can invite people, which can be treated just like your own dedicated one except its P2P & invite only (yay? -.-). I'm getting the feeling they did this so maybe they can charge PC users for DLC/Mappacks later on even thou he said no. I'm not getting any positive feelings from this decision at all even with his huge happy spin like we needed this. Why didn't they implement a choice? Now they have more control and us the users less as it has to go through there servers which I'm sure played a roll in there decision. In the interview he makes it seem like it'll be better in the long run but I just don't see it. New, different and change isn't always better at least from my pov. Why fix something that isn't broken? Only people I'm seeing who probably have a big grin on there face is EA and the BF guys with two new titles on the way.

    I agree thou with Matt that it probably WONT affect MW2 overall sales maybe PC wise a bit but I'm sure consoles are there main profit force anyway. But there are some individuals who feel betrayed by this and will not buy/play MW2. Sadly thou casuals in all gaming are the ones who drive sales and if this makes it easier for them they'll do it. In the interview he stated its to make the game more accessible to new users which I don't completely buy but on a small degree it does make sense.

    Nevertheless I personally HATE matchmaking, it's meant for consoles imo and is one of the reasons I don't like playing games online (besides Halo :p). I love dedicated servers (ran several for a few years), and I feel that's one of the superiority of PC gaming especially with the communities that can form. It is a big distinction to me and without it I'll feel like the multiplayer is just a console port. He says they are trying to redefine the game, but it makes me feel like they are trying to force PC users to consoles. Maybe I'm just being cynical here but over the years I'm just getting the feeling they are focusing more on consoles and less for PC gamers which to me is the best.

    Anyway I'm not huge into COD like others so while sad I care more about how this might affect the industry as a whole down the road. And personally I won't be getting this game right away as I don't see it being worth it ($60 lol). There are plenty of really good titles coming out so I can pass on this till later when the price drops to see how it is as the single player wont run away :) .
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