Dial-up problems

By Maurice ยท 5 replies
Feb 17, 2004
  1. Yup, more glitchs I'm afraid, after getting me on-line, the dial-up banner continues to say "unable to make connection" off of my present screen,[out of sight] leaving me unable to send email, or move to another site, there being nothing in the tray to bring the banner forward.
    The only way I can do it, is by pulling down the existing windows to find the dial-up banner,& clicking on "connect", in doing so, I have sometimes managed to lose complete emails, & had to write them again.
    And, yes, I have "connect automatically" ticked, but it disappears spasmodically, & leaves me stranded as above. I have been to properties, but all seems OK. [I use Outlook Express.]
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    I'm not sure of a simple solution to fix your internet connection problem, but one thing you might try doing is every once in a while when typing long emails or something hit CTRL-A, then CTRL-C. That will copy all of your written information so far, and if something does mess up you will just be able to hit CTRL-V and paste it back once you get back online.
  3. Liquidlen

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    Maurice if you press Alt+Tab it will bring forward windows that are underneath one each time it is pressed. Also you can set Outlook to 'Save a copy of your sent emails ' in Tools>Options>Send
    Sorry I can't help with you Dial-up woes , but it sounds like a call to your Isp tech dept.
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    Are you the only user of that telephone line, or do you perhaps share with a neighbour?
    Are the BT-Exchanges on your island up-to-date or are they pre-historic?
    Do you get disconnected/interrupted when making phonecalls?

    Don't know which part of the Isle you live, but look here
    and here

    Maybe time to consider broadband?
  5. Maurice

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    realblackstuff, seems you know a little about the Island, [have you been here from Dublin?] I say a little, because it is not prehistoric as regards BT Exchanges, long gone are the little local exchanges, when we moved over from Portsmouth my birthplace, 30 years ago there WAS a tiny exchange ina private house in the next village to mine [Rookley] where they said an old dear sat knitting between calls, sat in front of a "plug-in" switchboard, & it's rumoured that she listened into calls!
    No, it's just an extension of the mainland these days, things like murders, rapes,drugs etc.
    As regard broadband, it is patchy, OK in Newport & Ryde, but hardly anywhere else, especially where I am in the south, & no, I don't share a line.

    Liquidlen, I'll try the Alt+Tab, thanks, also, the "save sent emails". Calling my ISP for help is pretty hopeless, almost as bad as Microsoft, they very rarely reply.
  6. RealBlackStuff

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