Did I blow my mobo?

By SeanCollinDuffy ยท 4 replies
Mar 20, 2009
  1. i have a dell xps m1210. the power cable ground split (between the converter and pc) and sparked a couple times, then worked fine for a few more months. at one point i turned it on without the power cable plugged in and it powered on, then died due to lack of battery. its a few months later and finally i got a new power cable, and nothing, no lights, no power, etc. any ideas?
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    There should be a little LED on the computer that indicates if the battery is being charged or used. Have you tried taking the battery completely out of the computer and just plugging it into the wall? I'm not sure if you can just bypass the bat like that but it's worth a shot. Also, make sure it's the right cord/converter and that it attaches to the computer correctly. Doesn't sound like the system is cooked, but something may be wrong with the battery, worst case scenario. Which part of the original cord split, the part with the plug or the part with the converter?
  3. SeanCollinDuffy

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    the part with the plug split.

    ive tried powering it on with no battery (wich should work on this model) and i get nothing.
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    Have you tried using the new plug end with the new converter?

    If you claim the system should power on without the battery installed then the problem is obviously not the battery. Do any of the LED lights illuminate at all when it's plugged in or does the system not respond at all? (fans, hdd noise, beeping etc...) I suppose some internal device may have shorted out at some point and then eventually fried but that's going out on a limb. If the system is still under warranty, I would have it replaced or serviced if you can't get anything out of it at all.
  5. SeanCollinDuffy

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    Yes i have tried the new power supply.
    They havent made this laptop in like 2 years, so no warranty

    I don't know if i can be more clear.
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