Digi Milan converters and linksys wiring

By sicarius
Feb 6, 2003
  1. I know this is mostly a gaming forum but I have hit something I thought one of the guys who networks for a living might have hit before. I have a Linksys router bringing in wireless Internet to one building. I have fiber running from that building to a separate building. I am using Digi Milan MIL 180x converters to convert from utp to fiber from the router to the switch. I am going from port one on the router to the uplink on the switch through the converters. I am not getting a link. I have looked at the wiring diagrams and the Digis show to be straight through so I just used a normal patch cable to connect the linksys products to the Milan converters. Do they need to be crossover wires?

  2. Rick

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    This might seem silly (or might not be an option depending on your router), but try toggling the uplink between "normal" and the other option.

    I know some Linksys routers have a little switch/button next to the uplink to change the function.. It basically switches between using straight-through and crossover cabling.

    If you don't have a switch/button next to the uplink, then you might want to make a crossover cable and try that. Even though the diagrams don't show it, it might be worth a shot.

    If you are crimping your own cables, you might want to make sure they work properly also.
  3. sicarius

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    Between Milan and Linksys I think I have it figured out. It does use a straight through cable but Milan says it is probably due to not rebooting everything in sequence. That and the original sending port needs to be set to 100mbs. I guess we will see. Thanks for the advice though rick.

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