Digital Media Adapters?

By RJ831
May 27, 2008
  1. So i've been looking into buying a digital media adapter so that I can have some sort of connection from my tv to my pcs and such. Does anyone know of a site where I can find a good one or can anyone recommend one for me? thanks in advance!
  2. raybay

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    There are plenty of them, though many are costly. You can find them with a Gurgle search. You first have to decide whether to use Standard Def or High Def TV. With standard, you can look up VGA to Video converter which will output to NTSC or Pal Composite. You have to be careful about resolution in Standard Def TV because the monitor is often 800 X 600 or higher and TV can be 640 x 480 You may lose text, graphics, or crispness. When you use the HDTV format you must recon with Video format conversion in addition to resolution conversion.
    HDTV's use a narrow range of resolutions and refresh rates.
    Video formats are RGB/HV and Y-Pr-Pb (Component Video) which are entirely different encoded signals. They must be "transcoded" to change the encoded format.. Resolution and refresh rates can be as a problem, since sending a typical Computer signal to an HDTV will not give you an output.
    You must buy a video card which will transmit the correct signal. There is software that comes with some equipment, or that you can purchase separately that customizes the output signal,,,, a program like "Powerstrip" to converts the output signal to the signal TV requires.
    You might need to use video converting scaler software to change the signal.

    When you have DVI or HDMI digital video connections, you also have the resolution problem to deal with. But you have to find out whether the transcoding is required.
    Video Transcoders have the same signal in as they do out, but still may need encoding changes.
    Video converters are what most people need to change resolutions, refresh rates, and such, but their costs are higher, by far, than transcoders TV/ HDTV Tuners. These connect your Mac or PC to the antenna or cable TV connections. They behave like a TV Tuner or Cable TV Set top Box. They can give you channel selection and control, as well as recording/time shifting functions. They can be USB or PCI card, depending on your "commitment" level.
    Video Capture takes composite video with audio, then records the audio and video in a computer file format that your computer can use to watch, edit and burn to DVD or Video CD.
    The best thing to do is talk to TV sellers, and do a lot of research online fo PC to TV adapters and such.
    But my guess is that you will need to spend inexcess of $150 to make yourself or your signivicant other happy.
  3. RJ831

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    Thanks for the info and quick response! =) Well, at the moment, the price is not an issue. I was looking to spend at most 350.00 though. I don't have an HDTV so I guess i'm looking for standard right now. Thanks!
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