Digital Storm intros Black Ops Assassin PC with GTX 480

By Matthew · 5 replies
May 10, 2010
  1. Digital Storm has introduced the Assassin, a new model in the company's Black Ops desktop range. Like most boutique PC offerings, the Assassin can be outfitted with a myriad of today's finest hardware, but the machine is advertised with three base configurations: Performance ($2,387), Enthusiast ($2,535), and Extreme ($2,693).

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  2. that's a ridiculous price!
  3. TomSEA

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    Actually, it's pretty reasonable for what they're offering compared to other custom-built rigs I've seen. $6,000 is not unusual in the custom-build arena.

    Digital Storm has a habit of mimicking others in the computer business.
  5. I posted this on BSN:

    I am a DSO customer. I bought a $4000 PC at the end of 2008 and since then had nothing but trouble with it. The PC went dead on arrival. I RMA’d it and got back a working PC. Several months later, the PC developed other problems which DSO never managed to fix. Since November of last year, I’ve been sending my PC back to DSO four(!) times back-to-back. Each time they promised to fix the PC, and each time I got it back and it wasn’t working. I tried explaining to the manager (who shall remain nameless) that my PC has not been fixed, but he became rude and accused me of breaking my PC each time. Very unprofessional. During one of the RMAs, they switched my GPU to a lesser part hoping I would not notice! Can you believe it? When I confronted them about this, they didn’t know what to say other than we will look into why this happened. I never got any explanation … Other things:

    Promises are never kept
    Hang-ups when calling support (granted it was close to the end of their working day, but still)
    Bad grammar in emails

    Long story short, do not ever do any business with this company. You’d be better off paying a bit more for something like Maingear, then paying less and facing these kinds of troubles.
  6. PanicX

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    Is there perhaps some Maingear employees posting anonymously on this article?
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