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Apr 2, 2002
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  1. Here's a very interesting site ->

    Some of the measures Media companies are trying to get accepted by governments is just plain illegal !!!

    In Europe, many law projects are in the verge of getting voted & every storage media will be taxed.

    If they are voted, Hard drives might end up being 50$ more expensive. Worst thing is, the tax is calculated on the storage capacity which means, the more capacity, the bigger the tax. Let's say you buy a 40GB drive now for 110$ with a 50$ added for tax. A few years later, new 100GB drives appear & replace the 40GB on that price point, you get to add 100$ tax to it, making it 210$ rather then 160, & it'll keep going on like that ( prices are just an example ).

    I'm amazed, they're not taxing Ram.

    PS. I allready had a similar thread on the old forum -> This can't be right... (copy protected CD's) so some of you know how I feel about such BS...
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    hmm, I'll check that site out. Thanks for the link :).

  4. Didou

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    New article

    Here's a nice article about the Copy Protection schemes that are coming out. It's a pretty good summary of the current situation -> Fighting Back: Taking on the RIAA
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    Another link -> SaveInternetRadio

    The RIAA is fighting to vote a bill that will impose a tax on Internet Radios ( Normal radio is considered free publicity so no tax there :evil: ). It might make Internet radios have to pay up to 1000$ every day !!!

    I listen to a Net radio -> Groove Salad & I would hate to see it disappear. I can't write to Congressmen in Washington so anyone who lives in America, please take a stand on this issue.:(

    BTW Philips has also won its case. Labels that put out Protected CDs (tm) will no longer have the right to use the term Compact Disc. These discs won't play on PCs & some won't even play on a normal stereo...
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    It's Recording Industry Association of America, not the WORLD!
    I won't just sit & watch what happens if they ban these things OUTSIDE America.
    And this isn't just the only thing americans are trying to do in Internet..
    Do they think they own it?
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    The Full article is here -> Another Punch for Copy Protection
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    Well, we practically are the mother of the Internet and have nurtured it since it was a baby. Then we gave it the push for acceptance.. In a way, I can understand why it is so Americanized.

    I don't agree with American "imperialism"; however, the Internet is only one example of such a thing, unfortunately.

    I agree with the RIAA thing. I don't like them over here, let alone other places. Apparently their reach spans the globe, because I remember reading several instances in the eastern hemispere about them raiding college campuses for music "piracy".
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    Thx to a royalty fee of 500$ a day, my favourite Internet radio just closed. Thx again RIAA, we really owe a lot t you.:evil:

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