Digsby accused of using shady money-making tactics

By Jos · 7 replies
Aug 14, 2009
  1. It’s not unusual to see popular freeware applications bundle third party software into their setup files, prompting you during the installation process to install a browser toolbar or even change your browser home page to something else. Many criticize this practice claiming it preys on unsuspecting users who click \"Next\" through every setup screen. While I also find it annoying, I realize that developers need to make money somehow – and as long as there is an easy way to opt-out during installation then I’m okay with it.

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  2. poundsmack

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    of interest
  3. No way they don't get sued for using consumer's PCs to make money for themselves without explicit permission to do so. That is ridiculous. I'm glad I never installed Digsby.
  4. I guess they're covered by the EULA... How devious... Can't imagine anyone sticking with their crap.
  5. What digsby does reminds me very much relatimg to bot-nets. I looked around for an alternative and found goober. goober has ads, actually very small ones and is by far the best product i have ever seen. Their voip rates are much lower then skype and their videochat is crisp and clear. They have included MSN, ICQ, google Talk, Yahoo and Jabber. I contaced their live support and they said facebook and Twitter will be in the next revision. Try it out its worth doing it.
  6. JDoors

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    @Jose: "... should they outright drop some of the bundled crapware instead?"
    Oh, they can bundle whatever crap they want in there, as long as the AVERAGE user would EASILY discover that content and its purpose. Anything else is dishonest.
  7. Darth Shiv

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    Had a look at it a while ago and was seriously unimpressed with the crapware they peddled. There are plenty of alternatives. I say don't support such a ridiculous (user-unfriendly) business model.
  8. That they've fixed it is good. Too bad they've lost my trust and have been removed from all of my computers for good.
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