"Ding" at shut down/Searching from IE address bar

By Korok
Jan 11, 2005
  1. When I shut down I always get the "Windows XP Ding" (default beep) just before the shutdown music. I've had this happen on a few previous installs and Im not sure what it means or how to get rid of it. This is a new install of XP pro with all updates from "Windows Update" on a SATA RAID 0 array. Im not exactly sure when it started doing this but it was before I finished all the windows updates and before I installed any other programs.

    Also, Im not sure if this is a problem or if it just never happened to me before. I have always just searched from the address bar in IE. For example, if I was looking for the WinZip website, I would just type "winzip" in the address bar and a bunch of sites would come up and I would click on the one that looked like what I was looking for. I've noticed recently that if there is a folder or document or .exe or shortcut on my desktop with the same name, it will open it or execute it rather than search the web for it. Not all that terrible, just annoying when Im looking for information on DesertCombat and it launches the game instead of searching the web.

    My system:
    mb - Asus p4p800e deluxe
    cpu - P4 2.8 (oc'd to 3.03 using 10% bios setting)
    RAM - 2 512 Kingston DDR PC 3200
    Video - Radeon X800 Pro
    HDD - 2 Seagate 80G (SATA Promise RAID 0 Array)
    - 1 Western Digital 80G (EIDE)
    LAN - onboard Marvel
    Antec case and ps
    5 40mm fans (2 in ps, 1 in HDD bay, 2 in back)

    I should add, I get the same ding at shut down when I boot from the WD HDD.
  2. ManyVoicesOfMe

    ManyVoicesOfMe TS Rookie Posts: 29

    The ding probably isn't anything that you should worry about, but ya never know. It is a part of your current windows sound scheme. The sound is assinged to an event.
    Perhaps this is the event....?

    If say the "Critical Stop" event is making that sound, then perhaps some program is critically being stopped due to windows killing the process when you shutdown.

    As for your second question....not sure as to a fix to the problem.
  3. Korok

    Korok TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Its listed under "default bell". Its strange because it doesnt do it with every new install I do. ???
  4. RealBlackStuff

    RealBlackStuff TS Rookie Posts: 6,503

    Stop using IE except for Windoze updates.
    Install Firefox from www.getfirefox.com
    It has its own searchbar built-in, next to the address bar.
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