DirectX 9.0c compatible trouble, please help

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Sep 25, 2004
  1. computerman319

    computerman319 TS Rookie

    ????????????????????? come on someone please help me :( :( :( :( :! :hotbounce
  2. Sharkfood

    Sharkfood TS Guru Posts: 1,019

    You need to post some information about your system computerman319.

    If you know how to run DxDiag, this information would be very helpful- especially the portions concerning your system (cpu, memory, operating system) and the video section for video card and whatnot.

    For those that do not know how to run DxDiag, perform the following:
    1) On the Start menu, click "Run..."
    2) In the box that pops up, type: dxdiag and hit the OK button.
    3) Once DxDiag launches, click the "Save all Information" button on the bottom.
    4) After a short pause of it collecting your information, you will be prompted to save this.
    5) Click "Desktop" on the left and change the filename area near the bottom to: dxdiag.
    6) Click the Save button.

    What you will have now is a file called "dxdiag.txt" on your desktop that you can open in notepad or other editor to inspect all your hardware information. If you wish to cut/paste the applicable portions (first part with "System Information", AND the ENTIRE section entitled "Display Devices") and post it here, it would be very helpful in yielding advice or direction on what you may need to do to fix your problem.
  3. computerman319

    computerman319 TS Rookie

    thanks but i guess i wont never get to play mines then :( im only 14 and my mother wont let me put the computer information on some website :( but if anyone else has any advice on how to get it to work that would b help full colum man were r u i need ur help if ur around ur sims 2 advice worked now do u have any advice on this ???? thanks :hotbounce
  4. computerman319

    computerman319 TS Rookie

  5. luvhuffer

    luvhuffer TechSpot Paladin Posts: 443

    LOL You can't call a mechanic and say "my car is broke down, can you help me fix it over the phone?" And then say you can't tell him what kind of car it is. Your mom has to understand these guys trying to help you aren't asking for birth dates or credit card numbers, (although her security consciousness is admirable). Most computer problems we talk about are effects, not causes. One problem with these things could have hundreds of reasons why something is acting the way it is. This Sims problem seems to be a problem with the games compatibility that a lot of people are experiencing. You could be given instructions on stuff to try to fix it, but, no offense, you sound like you don't have the expertise to go mucking about inside the software or hardware. If I were you I'd be looking around the web for people who have solved this problem, or e-mail the support people at the game makers web site, or visit their forums if they have one. Sorry............ Have a read here, and maybe check out the EA SIMS Forums as well.
  6. computerman319

    computerman319 TS Rookie

    i know but what can i say if she doesnt want me to put information on the internet? im not going to do it anyway because people say i need to, but i was just wondering if someone can just give me something to try like that colum person said on the first page because he wrote a list of stuff to do and i did it and it worked so thats what i was wondering if i can get the same help but with this game
  7. Sharkfood

    Sharkfood TS Guru Posts: 1,019

    You'll notice on page 1, the posters included what kind of computer they had and what videocard (ProSavage).

    This is what the DxDiag information provides.. What kind of computer.. what kind of videocard.

    Without that, no help can be administered.

    Talk with your mother. Ask her if you can provide at least what kind of computer you have... along with model number. Like "A Dell Dimension 3000" or "HP Pavillion Z1180" or similar. At least with that, we can give some suggestions.

    You should also know that most any suggestion is going to be in the form of providing links to drivers or other things you need to download and install. If your mother will not allow you to share system information, she sure isn't going to allow you to download and install stuff presented from a forum!

    I'd just say you're stuck with Solitaire, Jr. Sorry to say.
  8. grngrl19

    grngrl19 TS Rookie

    This was given to me on the EA games site and I read it on here too... when I go to the Directx features, mine says: Not Available

    What does that mean and anything I can download to help w/ that?
  9. JiM BoB

    JiM BoB TS Rookie

    How do you get a graphics card ?^_^
  10. Sharkfood

    Sharkfood TS Guru Posts: 1,019

    If the "AGP Acceleration" also says "Not Available", it means one of two things:
    1) You do not have the proper chipset/motherboard/agp drivers installed for your system.
    2) You do not have the video display drivers for your videocard installed.

    We'll need you system information in order to lead you to what files you need to install. This would be the motherboard type OR system model (if it's an oem like Dell, Gateway, HP, etc.etc.) and what videocard, if you know which you have installed.
  11. bchchik1

    bchchik1 TS Rookie

    i followed the directions that Liquidlen posted about having DirectX 9.0 compatible trouble. I found out thet I have an Intel(r) 82810-DC100 graphics chip but i can't find a spec sheet on line like the directions said. Can someone help?
  12. Mictlantecuhtli

    Mictlantecuhtli TS Evangelist Posts: 4,345   +11

    Welcome to TechSpot, bchchik1
  13. sims2lover

    sims2lover TS Rookie

    this is making me hate computers

    i have the same problem as a bunch o' people here. i have that stupid directX thing but whenever i try to run the sims2 it says i don't have it. the thing is; the sims2 used to work on this laptop but the laptop crashed and i have now installed and re-installed sims2 like 3 times, but the stupid thing still won't work. i have tried everything i can think of, but it won't work. HELP OR I WILL SURELY GO INSANE WITHOUT MY SIMS2!!!
  14. hsgrad

    hsgrad TS Rookie

    Sims 2 trouble

    I recently got the Sims 2 game and I installed it. I tried to get the directx 9.0c but im not sure if it worked. when I try to run the game a message pops up saying "Failed to initialize Direct 3D. Plese make sure Directx 9.0c has been installed on this system." I ran all the Direct x tests and everything is working fine. Can someone please help me?
  15. wolf79b

    wolf79b TS Rookie

    Civ IV trouble because of Directx 9c (i think)

    I just bought Civilzations IV and when I go to run the game in the load before it starts i crashes at int Engine then states: "Failed to Initialize Renderer - Check Directx Version and Graphics Settings". I have uninstalled and reinstalled directc 9.0c already, I have Radeon 9600. I have downloaded Catalyst 5.10 from ATI, their latest update. I have downloaded all of the recent windows updates. I have uninistalled Catalyst 5.10 and reinstalled it. I have reinstalled the drives that came with my video card came with. My friends are compexed by this. It might be the same problem that the Sims 2 people are facing but i have an ATI Radeon 9600 with all the latest updates for windows and the video card. What can be done? I wana play Civ IV so bad. Is there something out there that I can do to fix it?

    I dont think reinistalling will do much but i am willing to try again.
  16. luvhuffer

    luvhuffer TechSpot Paladin Posts: 443

    Hi Wolf. It can get pretty frustrating after a while eh? sounds like you have been pretty thorough. I don't know if you tried this but..... Sometimes even though you uninstall a driver you leave little pieces of program here and there. If one of those pieces is corrupted it will keep messing up the driver each time you reinstall. I had a similar problem with a AIW9600. ATI has a utility specifically designed for stripping all traces of ATI drivers from your system before you reattempt another driver install. go to ATI's site then navigate to Drivers and Software / Utilities / Various / CATALYST Uninstaller, and download the cat-uninstaller and run it. I'd post a direct link to the program, but they don't always work for their site. Also uninstall the card through device manager after you run the cat-uninstall, then reboot

  17. wolf79b

    wolf79b TS Rookie

    Tried to fix Civ IV problem

    I tired to fix it by uninstalling the video card and its drivers then reinstalling it all but it still has the same error that pops up.
  18. luvhuffer

    luvhuffer TechSpot Paladin Posts: 443

    Wolf These guys were having the same errors with the same game and got it working. They posted the fix. Check it out here.
  19. wolf79b

    wolf79b TS Rookie

    Thanks lot

    It works! It works! Thanks for all your help. The only problem is that i will stop reading during the installing screens and uninstalling screens.
  20. luvhuffer

    luvhuffer TechSpot Paladin Posts: 443

    I'd bookmark that forum. There seems to be multiple issues w/ the game, and those guys sounded like they were on it. Enjoy the game! I'm surprised the maker hasn't issued a patch.
  21. agirlnamedamber

    agirlnamedamber TS Rookie

    I can help !

    So finally some help for you guys, I have read alot of the posts with people having this problem? Its an easy QUICK fix tho, but at least you can play the game you just have to play it in a pop up window, This tip comes stright from the intel website, check it out if ya want here is the link to the tip

    HERE IS WHAT YOU HAVE TO DO to fix the .."Failed to find any DirectX 9.0c compatible graphics adapters in this system! Please make sure you have a DirectX 9.0c compatible graphics adapter and have installed the latest drivers provided by the manufacturer. The application will now terminate." error

    The following steps can be used to eliminate or minimize the issue(s) reported with the game:
    1. Set the display to 16-bit color. To make this change, follow these steps:
    a. Click on the Start menu and select Settings, Control Panel, and then double-click on Display. If using Microsoft Windows* XP: Click on the Start menu and select Control Panel, "Switch to Classic View" if the category view is shown, and then double-click on Display.

    b. Select the Settings tab.

    c. Change the Color Quality (Color Depth) to 16-bit color.
    2. Run the game with the -w switch which forces the game to run in a window. To add this switch, follow these steps:
    a. Right-click on the The Sims 2 game and left-click on Properties. You can do this either on the game's shortcut on the desktop or on the game's entry in the Start menu.

    b. Add a space and -w to the end of the Target field, so that it looks like this:

    Note: The actual path may vary depending on where the game was installed. Make sure that the -w goes outside the quotation marks and that there is a space between the last quotation mark and the -w.
    c. Click OK.

    This applies to: if your not sure..try it anyways...just remember to copy to the origanal pathway so you can correctly enter it again incase it doesn't work,

    Intel® 82810 Graphics Controller

    Intel® 82815 Graphics Controller
  22. x.She'sARebel.x

    x.She'sARebel.x TS Rookie

    Directx 9.0c

    I'm sorry for bringing up an older thread, but I was wondering if someone could please help me.

    I've been getting the same error as most of the people that posted in this thread, and I've tried a lot of the suggestions that people have made. I'm beginning to think that I just need a new video card (I think that's what it's called...) but I just want to make sure before I go out and get one.

    I know that I have Directx 9.0c, and under the DirectX Diagnostic Tool it says...
    DirectDraw Acceleration: Enabled
    Direct3D Acceleration: Enabled
    AGP Texture Acceleration: Not Available

    The "device name" is 3Dfx Interactive, Inc. Banshee, and the "Chip Type" is 3Dfx Voodoo Banshee, if that helps any.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated. I've been waiting to play the Sims 2 for months.
  23. Sharkfood

    Sharkfood TS Guru Posts: 1,019

    Yes, you will need a new videocard.

    The 3dfx Banshee's were a PCI-66 card that actually uses the AGP slot, so therefore AGP accelerated graphics do not work. Seeing no AGP Acceleration is normal for this card- be it AGP or PCI.

    Moreover, 3dfx has been out of business since even before DX8.1 was released, so no real DirectX 9.0 compliant drivers are available. Some 3dfx enthusiasts have been working on very, very beta drivers they have written themselves, but I know of none for the Banshee line- just the 3dfx Voodoo line.

    If you can determine if your system has an AGP slot or only PCI would be the first step to upgrading your 3d card. If your system does have an AGP slot, you have a wide variety of upgrade options at just about any price point that you can afford.
  24. HastaAmanecer

    HastaAmanecer TS Rookie

    help? I'm like everyone else..I installed the Sims2 a longggg time ago..yet, it still doesn't work..Every time I run the game, I get the message "Failed to find any Directx9.0c Compatible graphics adapters" etc. etc..blah blah..yeahh, so..I went out and bought a new graphics card and installed it into my computer..the name of it is:

    e-GeFORCE F
    Cinematic Graphics Power 5200

    When I ran the program for it, it said that it enabled Directx 9.0c..yet, I still had the problem with the Sims..I don't know what's goin on with my computer..but here's all the information I got from DxDiag

    Computer Name: EMACHINE;
    Operating System: Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition;
    Language: English;
    System Manufacturer: Emachines;
    System Model: xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    BIOS: Version 1.02
    Processor: Intel(R) Celeron(TM)CPU 1200 MHz
    Memory: 254MB RAM
    Page File: 562MB used, 126 MB available
    DirectX Version: DirectX 9.0c (4.09.0000.0904)

    DxDiag 5.03.2600.2180 Unicode, Copyright c 1998-2003 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.

    So if anyone can help me, I'd appreciate it..

    Yahoo: tont0_cabeza083
    AIM: LlueveEnOtono

    k.thanks <3 :cool:
  25. luvhuffer

    luvhuffer TechSpot Paladin Posts: 443

    First of all let me say this. And this is directed to everyone who is having this problem. A graphics card can be DirectX compatable, but not DirectX 9c. You can install DirectX 9c on your computer with a DirectX 8 video card. The presence of 9c however is not going to change the compatability of the card. With an older card or onboard graphics you probably won't be able to play this game.

    That being said, try running the game in a window. To do this, right click on your Sims2 icon and hit property. Go to the shortcut tab. In the 'Target" box you will see an entry. I don't have Sims so I am going to use the target for another game, COD2, to explain this. The entry will look like this but with Sims2 info, and file location for your system

    "D:\D Program Files\Call of Duty 2\cod2sp_s.exe"

    Now place your cursor at the very end, past the quotation mark, and double click it. Now add 1 space and type in the window switch which is -w. When you are done, the entry will look like this

    "D:\D Program Files\Call of Duty 2\cod2sp_s.exe" -w

    Then click Apply and OK. Go back and try the game to see if that works. If it doesn't (and it has for some) then I suggest you open google and type in

    Failed to find any Directx9.0c Compatible graphics adapters Sims2

    There are tons of stuff on this problem and users have found a number of solutions that worked for them but not others. It's really rediculous that the maker hasn't posted a patch for this problem for people who have 9c compatable cards, but still can't play. Good luck. If this works for anyone could you post back and let us know, along with what card you are using. That way anyone else looking can be helped or put on the right track.

    Here are for two links This first one is for ATI chips. The 4th column over in the 1st section, lists the DirectX compatability for that chip. The second link is for cards with nVidia chips. HastaAmanecer, I'm sorry but your 5200 is Dx9 compatable but not Dx9C.



    Sometimes these links don't work on certain systems. If that's the case then go to and scroll down to the link for Desktop Graphics Card Comparison Guide Rev. 9.5!
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