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Disabling the TV out on Nvidia GeForce2 MX/MX400 so i can watch copy protected dvds

By GuitarJaymz
Jan 30, 2005
  1. hey y'all, havin some problems, recently got "Jimmy Carr Live" on dvd and trying to play it back on power dvd but i get the message "TV out not working properly, this dvd will not play unless TV out port is disabled".

    Now Ive had a good look around my Nvidia control panel and Im damned if I can find anything to disable tv out port. can anyone help me here? Im about ready to batter my PC with a large blunt implement.

    Cheers dudes n dudettes!

  2. Paul

    Paul TS Rookie Posts: 58

    if you go to your desktop right click on desktop go to properties,When this opens go to settings,go to advanced on bottom right and click,When properties open for your video card open displays on the taskbar you will see monitor and tv in there,If you have a cable connected to tv out on the vid card disconnect it,Now click on monitor setting,If theres no cable connected it will auto set monitor by it self.If no cable is attached will notify you in tv out section.Als if your are running xp you will need the newest beta Nvidia reference drivers, Since your are running DVD copy protection you will need this driver.Change to the WHQL XP drivers on the XP Update site and they fix all your problems.
  3. Triton

    Triton TS Enthusiast Posts: 82

    The DVD player software is checking for TV decoders that do not support Macrovision. Some don't do a very good job of this.
    Use an older version of the DVD player software that does not do the check or use a open source player that does not do the check.
  4. GuitarJaymz

    GuitarJaymz TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Nice one Triton, :grinthumb I put another version on the PC and Jimmy Carr is now getting offensive in true style.

    Gonna see if itll work on my Porcupine Tree DVD as well........

    sadly no

    but not for the same reason...
    it tells me the disc is an unsupported format but would play in the previous version of the player.

    Im using power dvd 5 as the Porcupine Tree disc is in DTS surround
    (also DVDA 5.1 and Stereo) and this version of power dvd supports DTS.
    It used to play in stereo on the older version but now wont play at all.

    I had a look in the "info" file in the configiuration menu and it appears that powerdvd thinks that my soundcard (M-AUdio Revolution 7.1) is not in use.

    Checked the device manager in
    Control Panel¦System¦Hardware¦Device Manager and it is enabled according the menu.

    So Im confused ... any ideas?
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