Disappearing systray icons revisited

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Oct 2, 2003
  1. I posted a tread a little while ago concerning icons in the systray not appearing on system bootup. It was never any specific icons that weren't displaying - it was totally random. I also found out that logging off and logging back on ALWAYS displayed the icons that were supposed to be there. I still have this problem and a couple of the replies that I received recommended re-installing XP as a possible fix. Apparently, the same problem had happened to them and they fixed it by reinstallation of XP.

    I still think that it is a registry problem but have no idea where to start. I have therefore decided to do a re-installation of XP, but my CD is the original, ie, doesn't include SP1. What I'm asking is how do I compile an XP disk which includes the SP1 update? If anybody out there knows, I will need fairly detailed instructions how to do it. I also have the SP1 update as a 128MB file on a CD.

    I probably could reinstall with my original disk and then add the SP1 update, but thought it would be much more efficient to do the installation with the SP1 update.
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    Thanks a lot StormBringer
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    To Stormbringer

    I compiled the CD as per tacktech's instructions and installed XP Pro over the top of my existing installation. On first boot all the systray icons were back. Great!!! I then went into Windows Update and installed all the critical updates. On reboot all the systray icons were still there. I then installed the non-critical updates, rebooted again and was right back to the disappearing icons again. Go figure. I am getting so frustrated with this it's not funny.
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    I found that the only sure way to fix the disappearing icons issue was to completely wipe your installation and start from scratch. I also believe the issue has something to do with the registry (possibly the order of some of the keys for registered classes - a guess, and not something you can change easily due to the GUIDS used), and the registry remains largely intact when reinstalling (upgrading) over an existing installation. You need to completely wipe your installation to fix the issue, and hope that your clean install doesn't suffer from the same effect. It's quite a rare occurence, so most likely you won't see it again for some time.
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    Behold the solution:

    Place a shortcut to systray (C:\Windows\system32\systray.exe) in the common startup folder (C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Start Menu\Programs\Startup).

    Restart the computer.

    The problem is GONE!


    Ok, now I can relax...
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    Behold the *work-around*
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    Less icons in the systray loading at startup, less trouble.

    It's as simple as that.
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