Disconnecting the Front panel Headphone Jack

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Jan 8, 2006
  1. I have an Intel 865GRH board which has the internal sound card, SoundMax. Recently, I connected the Front Panel Headphone wires in the mobo (near PCI slot 3) arbitrarily, so that I could hear only sound, no microphone. But now, I want to connect my microphone, but I cannot connect the microphone jack in Front panel as I haven't connected the wires internally.

    Also, I tried to connect the speaker jack in the internal sound card in the back panel. ButI get the error message that I cannot hear the sound from both the speaker as well as the Headphone (connected to the Front Panel Headphone Jack) even though I have already disconnected the Front panel wires. So, it's a nuisance trying to hear and record at the same time.

    Since, I don't have mobo's manual, either suggest me how I can connect the internal wires in the mobo so that i can use microphone as well or suggest me how I can get rid of the error message and hear the sound from the back panel jacks.

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    do you know the model/maker of your mobo you can always download the manual from the manufacture site.
  3. ksum

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    Thanks, but how do i get rid of the error message? I'd prefer back panel jacks to front panel's.

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    HAVE YOU install the driver for teh sound?
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    When you connected the front panel sound jack, didn't you remove a jumper on the motherboard in order to connect the front panel wires? Of course, this disables the back panel sound jack. To switch back to using the back panel, reconnect the jumper onto the proper pins.
  6. ksum

    ksum TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Oh thanks! I'll try that.
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