Build a PC Disk Boot Failure, Enter System Disk and Press Enter

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An hour ago I was on my computer playing World of Warcraft when my computer froze. I tried rebooting it, but it said in all caps, "DISK BOOT FAILURE, ENTER SYSTEM DISK AND PRESS ENTER." So I tried entering my windows vista reinstallation CD, and it asked me to reinstall windows so I shut down the computer and took out the CD. Than I tried unplugging everything, replugging it, changing voltage, and changing it back. I tried changing booting priority to hard-drive as first, but than the boot disk failure was gone, and a blue screen popped up and restarted the computer real fast. I tried setting CD to boot priority one, and I tried reinstalling windows, but when it said "Click any key to boot from CD" and I pressed a key, it said that windows is collecting files from the CD, and the screen went black with a white cursor only showing. When I take out the CD and restart the computer, the boot disk failure thing comes up.

Computer: Velocity ProMagix E2230
Speed: 2.66 GHz
Intel Core 2 Duo
Operating System: Windows Vista Ultimate 32BIT

I also stink at computers, so I wont understand a few computer terms. And no, I haven't put any new hard drive into the computer, but I reinstalled windows a few weeks ago when Windows was messed up.


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Your Hard drive has gone to silicon heaven, thats why you got the boot disk error and why windows wont reload.

If your unsure about anything computer wise, take it to a qualified person, never mess with things you dont have a basic understanding off.

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