Display problem when changing cpu+mobo

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Nov 7, 2005
  1. Specs of my comp are:

    AMD athlon +2100 A
    Biostar M7VIP
    ATI radeon 9600 XT
    300 W Fortron Superquiet
    80 GT 7200 rpm 8mb WD
    PC2700 333mzh 1024mb (1 x 512, 2 x 256)
    Windows XP

    When I change cpu and motherboard to:

    AMD 64 +3200 754 Boxed
    Epox 8KDA+

    Display just stays black when I boot comp. I can't hear any funny sounds when booting, motherboard shows code FFc. Anyone got ideas what might cause this? Do I need power supply with more W? or try another cpu, cause I bought this one secondhanded?
  2. kirock

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  3. Delfrod

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    But I'm not trying to change motherboard without formatting my HD. So that doesn't really help me at this.
  4. kirock

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    Can you tell us what code FFc means for your mobo?
    Somethings to check: 12V connection at CPU(3 pins).
    CPU and heatsink/Fan seated properly.
    Remove either the 512Mb RAM stick or the pair of 256MB RAM.
    Check HDD IDE cable is installed correctly, remove the connection to the CD/DVD if you have one.
    When you mean stays black, you can't even see the BIOS menu? If yes then faulty mobo or bad 20 pin connector from the PSU or bad PSU or bad video card. Try removing vid card and reseating it just on spec.(but then you should be getting beeps from BIOS saying video is dead) Try a BIOS refresh, check mobo manual for procedure, usually jumper or reset switch or remove CMOS battery.
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    Something that your new mobo has that your old one didn't is a 12V ATX 2x2 square power connector in addition to the regular 20 pin power connector. I think you left off a number on your new mobo model number but if I got it right, that 2x2 connector is right next to the 20 pin one. By chance, did you overlook this connector?
  6. Delfrod

    Delfrod TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Manual doesn't have any explanation for code FFc, I've heard it shows this code when mobo is working like it should. Didn't overlook the 2x2 connector, that would've been quite an amateur mistake.
    Yea can't even see the BIOS menu, gonna try 9800 Pro vid card from other comp soon, to see if that's the problem. Plus clearing CMOS data, refreshing BIOS and those other tips. Thank for em, I'll let ya know how it went. Btw DVD light blinked a bit odd when I booted and it didn't open very well, I wonder what's up with that.
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