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Mar 10, 2004
  1. I do not play computer games but I do watch MPEG movies which are stored on my hard drive. Recently I recorded some VHS tapes onto my PC and although they are not bad even using the highest option (MPEG-2 8mbps per sec) leaves them somewhat lower in quality then the original VHS recordings. Do you think a better video card would help?
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    no, VHS copies are never all that great, but the capture device you use is mainly what will affect the quality of these files. If you get a beetter video card you might even see how bad they really are ;)

    what are your ssytem specs, please also include the capture device if it is not internal. Someone may be able to give you some tips to get the quality a bit better, or recommend better capture equipment.
  3. friend2u

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    RE: Capture device & PC specs

    I am using a 2.66GHZ with 768 RAM (DDR), the capture device is
    the TV Wonder VE.
  4. StormBringer

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    That capture card is likely what is holding you back. The TV Wonder VE is a budget card. The VE stands for Value Edition.
    I'm not going to promise you'll see much difference with a better card, but you will likely see some since you won't be dropping frames as badly and will be able to capture at a higher quality with stereo.
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    You will also get better quality results from higher grade original media once you upgrade your card...something to think about.
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    You can also clean up the signal with a good software program eg. Pinnacle
    Always best to start with the best possible input (hardware) as the guys said.
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