Do I need to upgrade my ram?

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Oct 18, 2005
  1. I am planning on upgrading my comp I've currently got an MSI kt4v mobo running an AMD 2200xp with PC2700 333mhz ram I'm thinking of purchasing an MSI K8N Neo4-F and an Athlon 64 3400 now what i'm wondering is can I use my existing ram on this setup and upgrade it later on or am i going to have to purchase the ram right away. Also is there a special type of 400mhz ram i should be looking at like dual channel? and whats this DDR2 stuff? Is it something I should be looking into?

    Any info would be a great help.
  2. iss

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    From what I have seen the MSI K8N Neo4-F only lists support for PC3200 ram.
  3. Merc14

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    That board will support PC2700 (From website:Supports dual channel DDR 266/333/400, using four 184-pin DDR DIMMs.) DDR333 is actually PC2700 just like DDR400 is PC3200. Basically you multiply the RAM speed by 1 byte (8 bits) and you get the larger number so 8x400 is 3200bit RAM 8 x 333 rounds up to 2700. DDR = double data rate which means the RAM reads/writes on both the up and down cycle and DDR2 is the newest form RAM available, and no your new CPU won't support it. DDR2 works at a much higher frequency but with longer latency so there is no real benfit as of now to it.
  4. Goonthar

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    so in other words I could use my existing 333mhz ram with a newer AMD 64 3700+? or would it be to slow?
  5. Merc14

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