Do You Use a Windows Driver Update Utility?


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I have using DriverMax for the past year and I find it to be usefully as long as you watch which drivers you are updating. Some times driver updated are shown for a device but that device isn't apart of your system. Or DriverMax will show an update for a device that is in your system but the driver may cause BSoD. How do you keep your drivers updated? does anybody know of a good website database to track driver versions?


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I think these software like driver apps are not so good for your device they installed another applications and change many settings. So good it not use any driver updater utility. Follow this link to check from windows default service


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I totally distrust ANY other sites than the manufacturer, as it's too easy to have a backdoor and to steal you personal information.

Highly recommend you update drivers by
  • finding the make/model of you device
  • go to the website and look for software | drivers | firmware
  • download as appropriate


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Some time ago, I sometimes received an updated video driver (Nvidia) from MS update. It seemed OK, but caused some weird and wonderful side effects, which I solved by removing it. Since then, MS seems to have stopped offering driver updates for any hardware on my PC, but if they did, I would not allow any driver from MS to install.

I certainly would not use a third-party driver installation for the same reason. What is so difficult about looking on the manufacturer site from time to time? Or even better, you can sign-up to some manufacturer sites, who will automatically email notify you of new driver issues and you can make your own choice on it. That is my answer to the OP question 'how do you keep your drivers updated?'

Unfortunately, the reality is so many PC users these days know nothing about what goes on under the hood, and are happy to allow anything to install automatically and unchecked. It's harsh but true to say they deserve what they get. Same with your car too. Try to collect some sort of experience and knowledge over time - it may save your sanity, or your life.
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