Does a web-based install link to Windows Server 2003 still exist?

By BLSProVideR
May 1, 2011
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  1. So I recently bought a (stripped out) used dell poweredge sc430, managed to fix two old busted up 500gig sata HDD's and install XP, I would love to atleast run windows server 2003 on it but all i can find is the 180 trial for windows server 2008! im not sure i meet those system requirements, so my plan is just to run what was the oem os for my sc430. Im new to the server community and I'm sure my question is a little silly.

    Does a web based install link to server 2003 still exist or???

    Im running XP and I'm not really even sure if I'll benefit by moving to server 2003?

    please, please, help! I solemnly swear to pay if forward, I help people every day as I have been an EMT for almost 7 years now, but i cant seem to snag enof attention to get any assistance. PS, Dell warranty is expired and they don't recognize XP as an expectable os for this system. Every path I take seems to lead to closed doors!

    specs and more details at your request, thanks for reading!


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