Does anyone else have this issue?

By Tha General
Sep 3, 2008
  1. Not really a big issue, just curious. I don't believe i had this issue with using windows98se, but in xp i have notice it. Could be bottlenecking, who knows.
    The issue, example unreal gold:

    With my FX5500 card, i get 40-92fps, sometimes 100.

    Lets say i am looking downward or just staring at a wall, i get 80 - 100fps, when i turn around and view what is in front of me, could be heavy textures or light, not too demanding, the fps will drop to 15-20. So one min its at 100 or 80 and drops all the way to 15 or 20. As i proceed , it goes back up to 60-90 and only seems to drop to 15-30 when i am looking at certain stuff, but when i look downward it goes up again.

    People with higher Computers also have this issue, i have been trying to figure out what the problem is tho. Could it be that XP is too powerful for my rig and win9x was better with my rig?

    Could it be that XP doesn't use dx7 functions/features.

    The weird thing it doesn't happen with every game, only certain ones. I have notice when was i using my 2400HD card when playing Crysis , the same thing will happen, but was fix just a bit when overclocking it.
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    when you're looking at the wall its a fewer amount of textures to load, its pretty close to uniform. What you're expecting is perfectly normal. If you want to reduce the issue of a drop of 50 or so fps upgrade your card/hardware.
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