Does damn small linux save?

By jokenkil
Aug 28, 2009
  1. i put damn small Linux on my flash drive so i can use it on my computer without putting it on my computer (im not the only one that uses my computer) and i was wondering if i download something or if i get Firefox add-ons will they save? mine runs really slow and i was wondering is there a way i can make it faster???
  2. strategic

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    When booting from a Frugal Install, your application settings, bookmarks, etc can be saved to a hard drive partition, usb key, floppy, etc, in a file called backup.tar.gz. To create this file, right click on the desktop. System->Backup/Restore. Type in the name of the device to save to and hit backup. Then, when you reboot, your settings can be restored using the cheatcode
    'dsl restore={hda1/sda1/fd0/floppy}'.

    To change which files are saved, edit /opt/.filetool.lst (list of files to backup) and /opt/.xfiletool.lst (list of files to exclude from the backup process). Adding files to .filetool.lst can be easily done by choosing the file/dir in emelfm and clicking the 'Add2Filetool" button.
  3. jokenkil

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    ok i dont need this anymore cuz im trying to use mojopac and i know how to use it i just cant install
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    Stay home and sit on your hands little boy!
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