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Does X Marks have a bookmark limit?

By macx
Mar 30, 2010
  1. I've got 2 computers and until recently X Marks worked beautifully to keep them synchronized.

    All of a sudden it stopped synchronizing.

    I found for some reason I no longer had it on my desktop so reinstalled it, but it still isn't
    synchronizing between my desktop and laptop.

    I do have a huge number of bookmarks and just recently imported some more old ones from a saved file.

    Maybe too many for it?

    Thx for any info!

    EDIT: After some more digging, I discovered X Marks has it's own password (had apparently forgotten) - anyway, I'd changed my Yahoo password and apparently that maybe had something to do with it.

    I opened ujp X Marks from Tools and found the password thing. Changed it on my desktop, will do the same (in X Marks) on my laptop tomorrow and see if that gets it going again.
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