Don't even know if this is anything?

By princevulpine
Jan 29, 2009
  1. My boss, just got a computer a few weeks ago. He is hardly ever using it (very busy)... But, when he does a search via google, the results are all screwed-up. If I do the same search on my computer, they are as they should be...

    Today, for instance, He searched "bliss nor am" (a manufacturer or specific types of doors and windows). On my computer, their website was the first couple choices. On his, the results read as if they were for the company website, but the websites (listed below the description), were most definitely not, i.e., etc...! While they were not pornographic or anything, some would just send him to ebay, and other places, in no relation to the description OR the URL listed under the description...

    Is this ad aware, mal-ware? Has anyone seen this happen before...
    There may be other symptoms, but the compputer is so new to him, that he may not recognize them...

    Thank you for your help.
  2. Bobbye

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    What you are describing is called a Google redirect. If you view the subjects in this forum, you will see this is a common problem. A system that is being redirected should be taken through the 8 Steps HERE.

    And when through, the logs are attached for review. The cleaning programs will remove most of the malware, but the logs have to be reviewed and depending on their content, additional, specific program might need to be run.

    I leave it up to you as to how to present this to your boss!
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